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    Today on The Hotseat Underground, let's join LaSuria Kandi Allman as she interviews model, and entrepreneur, Erin Emanii Cain.

    Erin Emanii Cain was born and raised in Golden State, California. At age 6 she relocated to Michigan, were she experienced the majority of her childhood. Since becoming an adult, Erin has traveled the country in pursuit of her dreams as a model. Erin’s friends would describe her as very ambitious and passionate about her career. She stands 5'6 and is 30 years old. After over 10 years of experience, Erin has met many people and has developed her talents in areas to include: print, promotional, runway, radio, music videos, and independent films.

     Erin Emanii has been featured in developing magazines and newspapers all over the country and continues to work diligently in her pursuit of increased exposure and bigger features.
    Since dedicating her life to this career choice Erin has not looked back and takes every opportunity very seriously. As a precaution, she is often times accompanied by an escort to ensure that whomever she spends her time with does not take advantage of her femininity. Throughout Erin’s experiences she has been made aware that many photographers do not like escorts, and for that reason she has been very selective of offers she considers.
    Notable features include promotional modeling for big corporations like Pepsi in 2008, Maybelline and Starbucks in 2012, and gracing runways nationally.

     Erin’s experience as an actress ranges from playing the background as an extra for Stomp the Yard 2 in 2009, feature roles on the big screen in 2011 release “The Citizen” and “SextMessaging” in 2012. 

    Needless to say she has owned the runway walking in everything from local events and small celebrations, to huge fashion shows like, PeaceLoveSpandex that attract designers and patrons from all over the world to Detroit.

    Most recently Erin has graced the Cover of BX25 and Feature in GEI magazine’s 2014 Swimsuit and Lingerie edition and has also been cast in Eloise which will be released next year. Erin welcomes her fans to follow her on all social media outlets using her fan page on Facebook
    Twitter: @MsErinEmanii and IG: @ErinEmaniiCain
    All media and interview inquires should be sent to Cece Vance via email at
    CeCe Vance (Celebrity Publicist)
    All booking inquiries should be sent to Cain's Management :

    What city and state did you grow up in? 
    What was it like growing up in?
    Kind of hard
    Tell us a few things about yourself?
    What inspired you to become a Model?
    My Mother model for Montgomery ward when I was younger 
     How long have you been in the Fashion industry?
    10 yrs
    Are there any models that inspired you?
    Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell
    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on? 
    Twitter: @MsErinEmanii and IG: @ErinEmaniiCain
    All media and interview inquires should be sent to Cece Vance via email at
    CeCe Vance (Celebrity Publicist)
    All booking inquiries should be sent to Cain's Management :

     Do you have any shoots,  shows coming up?
    Are you represented by talent or modeling agency?
    What motivates and drives you?
    My husband and children
    Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?
    Owning my own model agency.
     If you could change your profession what would you be?
     What advice do you give to aspiring models?
    Don't get involved because you think it's cool. Keep your eyes and ears open.
     Favorite food?
    Skating and bowling
    Thank you for this very powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with you.

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    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
    For booking or Interviews contact me at
    Callin # 646-716-6359

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