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    She's baaaaack!!! I know it's been a while but Lasuria Kandi Allman is back and the interviews are rolling in for a new edition of The Hotseat- THE UNDERGROUND. The first guest in the Hotseat Underground  is Michael "Black Rain" Flowers

    Michael Flowers also known as Rain, was born on May 19th, 1982. He grew up on the west side of Detroit raised by both parents. During his childhood he was exposed to different genres of music from artists such as The Funkadelic's, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and NWA. He gives credit to his father and uncle for that exposure, it caused him to fall in love with music but he ultimately fell in love with the creativity and the lyrical word play of hip-hop.

    His early experimentation with music bought him to a place of uncertainty, he couldn't decide which avenue he wanted to take and took a sabbatical from music. In 1996, at Redford High School, he found himself running the hallways with the wrong crowd. This behavior later led to him hustling, chasing girls and being unfocused in life. One day in the lunch room, the intriguing sound of a cipher going on caught his attention. It was at that moment his love for hip-hop was rekindled. Despite his love for the music, it still took a backseat to the hustle.

     In 2005, the street life almost got the best of him as his vehicle was shot at numerous times with his cousin being shot however he was unharmed by the grace of God. It was then he realized hustling was no longer for him and he wanted more. He wanted to live freely and make his love for music known to the world. In 2006, he started the journey to reconcile his life. He acquired a position that gave him the time to be more focused on fufilling his dreams.

    The birth of "The Bad Guys"... a group that included him, Killa Kev, General Beans, and Philly Fresh worked diligently to record 'Bad News The Mix Tape'. The mixtape was independently sold around the city with hopes of building an audience and eventually being the next big thing. Shortly after 'Bad News' hit the streets the group was dismantled but Rain decided to continue on with his journey to become a star!!! With the advice of Killa Kev, he decided to become a writer. In a matter of months he wrote 18 songs which he's currently in the studio recording new songs weekly. He has toured in different states, currently has songs in rotation, radio interview and recently released his first mixtape Rain Organics... and is currently working on material for the upcoming cd.. Fresh off the Runway!.

     Okay, lets get this interview started, what city and state did you grow up in? .
    Detroit, Michigan
    What was it like growing up in Detroit ?
    Messed Up
     Tell us a few things about yourself?
    What inspired you to become an artist?
    My Family
    How long have you been in the music industry?
    I Do Music Everyday of my life
    Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?
    The Whole Game 
    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on?
    Fb, Twitter, Instagram.
    Do you have any shows, tours, showcases, videos releases coming up?
    Just returned from Miami, Baltimore on Oct 23. We Are Always Working
     Do you write your own music?
    Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?
    Getting my Team Money Hungry
    Are you interested in making movies?
    Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
    I Don't know where I will be. I see success and putting my team on.
    What advice would you give to young men of today who are suffering from injustices?
    You must have tough skin. Play the game like it suppose to be played.
     Is there a website where your music can be purchased?
     Have you ever experienced stage fright?
    What advice do you give to aspiring artists who are trying to get into the industry?
    Do your songs, promote fb, Twitter. Stop looking for a record deal. It is just like a loan. It is so many ways you can eat off music
    What motivates you?  What drives you?
    Money, being an entrepreneur. So my son can be who he wants to be
    What advice do you give young people of today about the importance of obtaining a good education?
    Go to school, have faith in your dreams.
    Good advice.I would like to thank you for this informative interview. I enjoyed myself and would like to welcome you back, at anytime to The Hot Seat Underground.
     Audience, you can follow him on Facebook @ Michael Black Rain Flowers. on Instagram @therealblackrain or Twitter @realblackrain Be on the lookout for new music soon
    1. Coast 2 Coast 4th place winner.. Detroit, MI
    2. Coast2 Coast 1st place winner... Houston, TX
    3. Stop the Violence High school tour
    4. Who's up Next Detroit Idol 1st place winner.... Detroit, MI 5. Jack'n for Beats..... placed 6th Detroit, MI
     6. Nominee for Best performer in the Underground Hip Hop awards
    7. Best new group for 2016 Detroit Honors awards
    8. Best new group for 2016 Red Carpet Awards show Twitter followers: 570 Instagram followers: 3,236 Facebook personal followers: 3,670 Facebook fanpage: 1,142 Magazine media: Support Detroit Magazine 2 page spread in November 2015 (can be found on List of show performances: Past Performances with Icewear Vezzo, Cash Kidd, TJ Mizell (Jam Master Jay's son) Eric Wright Jr (Eazy E son) Current stations the song Red Bottoms and Rollies and Chong Coon Pow is playing on: @FM 98 WJLB @HOT 107.5
     Mixtape placements:
     Track #56 on R&B singer the Dream's mixtape! volume 296 Track #44 on WeWorkin Mixtape! volume 114 Track #26 on WeWorkin Mixtape volume 63 Track 37... #WeWorkin mix tape volume #129. Track #55 on We Working mixtape... volume 275 Track #82 on We Workin mixtape .. volume 282 Nerve Dj's mixtape volume 1

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    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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