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    Thanks for returning to a segment of The HotSeat. Today, LaSuria Kandi Allman interviews Ceo of FameUs Ent. Konan. Let's join the interview in progress and don't forget, listen to the audio and give a shout out in the comments.

    My name is "K.o.n.a.n", I'm from Crown Heights Brooklyn. I'm 35Years Old[Feb 2nd]. I started Rapping at a young Age because my brother use to Rap. I didn't take my craft serious for years. I started writing Music In 2000 while incarcerated. I have been writing music for 15-16 Years.

    My First Local EP (Jungle Style) was recorded in "Albany Project" and had 1 of my Tracks off that Mixtape Open Up for "Young Jeezy"(Extra Bigg). My first placement on A EP was with "Skanks"(FlowFessional Vol.1), Local Hip Hop Artist. I've done a Host of open mics, performed with artists from Connecticut To Florida.

     I came up with the Name, Business Plan and Logo for "FAMEUS Ent" while incarcerated. I have Done "Dirty Basement", "Promo Star Radio", "Next To Blow Radio", Mob Out Monday's & Urban Radio. January 3,2016 I Co-Hosted on Promo Star Radio. I'm a New YORK Based Label that's gonna be the modern day MOTOWN. I have a EP coming out with an Artist from Mississippi. I am currently Managing.

    What city and state did you grow up in?
    Brooklyn, NY Crown Heights
    What was it like growing up in Brooklyn?
    I was raised by my grandmother I learned a lot from her.
    Tell me some things about yourself?
     I am an Aquarius I dare to be different
    How long have you been a artist?
     15 years
    What inspired you to become a artist?
     My brother use to rap
     Who was the first artist you collaborated with?
     Gangstarr rap Martyr
     Do you think the music has changed from then to now?
     How would you categorize your style?  
    Tupac,  Biggie, Kool Herk, KRSI,
    What if any message do you try to relay to your audience.
    Rich is really a mind state
    What would you change about the music industry from an executive stand point?
    Teach artists how to manage their money more better

    What do you think attributed to the change from consciousness of the early 80's to the gangster era of today?
     People started losing sight
     What are your thoughts about the way the artists are representing themselves?
     The Dress code we going there
     Tell me what do you think about the way they are dressing the skirts and blouses?
     Can't do the tight clothes I'm not with the trend.
    What would you consider to be the big break that will get the artists foot in the door mainstream?
      Be Yourself
      What are your goals for the future?
    Get famous overseas
     Do you have any shows/album/videos releases coming up?
    Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?
    Yo Gotti, Kokane
     So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on?
    Fb, Twitter
    Are you involved in any social or political groups?
    Are you involved in any community programs?
     Yes, feeding the homeless,  I'm there for my people
      Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and you have  overcame?
    Making it out the zoo
      Are you interested in making movies?
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
     What advice would you give to young men today who are suffering from injustices?
     You can learn anything, educate yourself
     What advice do you give to aspiring artists who are trying to get into the music industry?
     What keeps you motivated, what drives you?
    Life, music
    If you could change your profession what would it be?
    A non-profit organization, Motivational speaker
    What are your thoughts about the legalization of Marijuana?
    They are making money off of it
     If you could speak to the youth of today about the importance of obtaining a good education what would you say?
      In order for you to get anywhere in life you must educate yourself
     Favorite food?
      What are your hobbies?
    Music and Networking
    I would like to thank you for this very powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much Success in all of your endeavors. God bless you.

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    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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