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    Thanks for popping in. Today, in The Hot Seat,LaSuria Kandi Allman has Jimmy Beanz PR with Wu-Tang Management/Protect Ya Neck Records.

    Jimmy Green was born in Nuremburg, Germany. He moved to the states early in his life and has lived in a few states. That has helped forge his ear for the unique sounds of artists he has run across his time dealing with the music industry. Jimmy was a recording artist himself but wanted to go behind the scenes.
     In 2011 Jimmy helped found and became manager for the Virginia Grind Family a few artist from VA which began to make a name for itself.
    Working side by side with Frank (Nitty) Newman (PYN/Wu-Tang Management) helping artists secure digital distribution and also working as an A&R for Mr.Newman. Jimmy has also helped underground artists get the recognition that they need to get their music or products out to the masses by doing promo on social media or even securing radio interviews for artists and also landing them magazine cover.
    With 3 years of Marketing and Promotions for VGF and also A&R work for Frank Newman Jimmy has showed his hard work ethic which has landed him the Executive Director position for Loud TV which his partner Carlos Rosario created to help unsigned artists get the exposure that they need to be breakout artists. In early 2014, Jimmy was able to land a position with Grind2Glory/Creative Minds/Universal Music Group Distribution.

    Late 2014, Jimmy Green has been appointed as the Virginia Ambassador for the Million Youth March Organization Inc, a grassroots organization to promote youth by creating opportunities and giving them access to all the tools needed to help them reach their goals in sports, education, performing arts and volunteerism.

    Jimmy is also former executive A&R/president of talent records. Now back where it all started with PYN as an A&R everything comes full circle and Jimmy was recently promoted to the position of Director of Public Relations.

    Stay a while and enjoy the audio interview:

    What city/state did you grow up in?
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
    Tell me a few things about yourself? 
    I help people and artists.
    You work for Wu-Tang Management what is you job description?
     Public Relations, furthering the artist and their brand.
    How long have you been working  in the music industry?
     For a while, started in High school about 17-18 years.
    What artists are you working with now?
     Nymrod, LT Nash
    Who was the first artist you signed?
    Virginia Grind Family VGF, manager
     Do your artists have any projects/shows/Videos and Album releases coming up?
     Of Course Nymrod is Touring Canada
    What is it like working with The Wu Tang Clan day to day operations?
     Do whatever you are told to get the job done
    Are there any challenges that you have dealt within the music industry?
    Piracy, people not wanting to buy CDs. Everyone wants to be a star.
    What motivates you?
    The talent and the message
    What are your goals with Wu Tang management/ Protect Ya Neck records in the future?
    Making the label a definite force and putting it in the forefront.
    So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on?
     Fb, Twitter,  Instagram
    Who do you think is the hypest female rapper in the game?
     It is not too many to pick from it's Nicki. She puts in the most work. I like Remy Ma
    Is the Wu looking for new artists? If so how can they contact you?
    Send to
    Are you interested in Movies?
    Definitely, acting. 
     What advice do you give to young men today who are suffering from injustices?
    There are already 3 strikes against you, Black, Young,  and they don't care. You have to turn a negative into a positive. Our own people turn their backs on each other. 
     Are you married? children?
     No, I have a daughter.
     What is your zodiac sign?
    What is your favorite food?
    Chicken Brian Italian dish

    I would like to thank you for this very powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much Success in all of your endeavors. God bless

    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
    For booking or Interviews contact me at

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