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    LaSuria Kandi Allman interviews Detroit Producer Big Herk

    Big Herk is a solo artist that can certainly hold his own lyrically. He was born and bred on the streets of Detroit,
    Michigan, which definitely comes across in his rough, rugged, and raw lyrics. This artist is a rappers rapper who attacks his street oriented lyrics effortlessly and relentlessly. Herk is able to draw his listeners into a witty story line and paint the listener a vivid lyrical picture of life as a young black male growing up in “The D” or any urban area for that matter.
    Because of his unique style he not only captivates the hardcore listeners but also appeals to mainstream hip hop fans as well.
    Herk takes his craft seriously. He has made music his life since he was a teenager earning a living lacing tracks with his distinctive baritone voice and performing in local and out-of-state venues. He has appeared in numerous concerts and is one of the most sought after artists in Detroit. If you want some fire call Herk, don’t believe me, ask Obie Trice & Eminem (Herk has appeared with Obie Trice & Eminem on Obie’s new cd “2nd Rounds on Me”), ask Slum Village (Herk appeared on their “Detroit Deli cd”, ask Royce 5’9 (Herk appeared on Royces’ “Independents Day cd”), ask Doughboyz, Cashout (currently signed to Young Jeezy), ask Dej Loaf (she said Herk was one of her favorites rappers).
    In addition to the aforementioned, Big Herk has won numerous awards including Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and King of Underground Rap, just to name a few.
    Big Herk was the first independent artist to grace a bag of potato chips by RapSnacks; a snack food brand based in Philadelphia, PA who has featured such artists as Master P, Ol Dirty Bastard, and host of other Major Label artist on their bags of chips.
    In addition to music and endorsements, Big Herk also finds time to act. Big Herk made his movie debut in a movie called: “Project 313”. Project 313 was selected to participate in the Pan-African Film Festival. At the Festival, Big Herk won rave reviews of his portrayal of an inner-city hood. Since staring in “Project 313”, Big Herk has been requested to appear in numerous other film projects.
    Always concerned about the conditions in his city, Big Herk has made numerous speeches and has attended numerous
    panel discussions about the state of affairs in Detroit. Most recently, he was asked to be one of the keynote speakers at the
    D15 Rally. D15 is a movement that was created by fast food and retail workers to fight for fair wages.
    Not only is Big Herk a true renaissance man, this dude can really rap. To date he has sold in excess of 100,000 cd’s without formal distribution. Big Herk has already earned celebrity status in Detroit and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world knows the name “Big Herk”.
    For more information contact
    Emil (Moe) Abner

    (313) 575-4365
    What city/state did you grow up in?
    Detroit, Michigan
    Tell me a few things about yourself?
    I am the Ceo of Gotcha Back Entertainment
    How long have you been in the film/music industry?.
    25 years
    Who was the first artist you worked with/signed? Devious, and J. Solo
    What artists are you working with? Young Herk and Devious
    Do your artist have any projects/shows/ album releases coming up? Young Herk, album is out title "In My Blood" video is on YouTube
    Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?
    We are a Independent record company we are not with a major. We must keep pushing. This new generation is something different. I am Old School and solid in all phases.
    You been in the music industry for while what was the strangest or funniest thing you ever heard or saw?These rappers and those skinny jeans. The rap game now is humorous, I am not into the gimmicks. It is a lot of feminine acting emcees that people cater to. I am just keeping it 100.
    What motivates you?
    Several things, Doubters and everyday life motivates me. I am political and a very conscious person.
    Who have you collaborated with?
    Big Herk.   Eminem, Trick Trick, Obie Trice, Breed, Slum Village, 8ball, Rick Ross, Rasta 59, Jazze Pha

    What are your goals in the future?
    My Legacy, I am older now, and still creating great music. Putting it out Worldwide and My son Young Herk, That is My Legacy.

    So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on?
    Big Herk.    Fb BigHerk Woodrow and Instagram Big_Herk_GotchaBackEnt

    Have you received any awards/recognition for your work?
    Yes, several, I received Album and Artist of year at The Detroit Hip Hop Awards 2003. East side and West side best rapper 2006. Sat on the panel and received a certificate from Detroit City Council for my participation.
    Are there any artists/producers that you would like to collaborate with? D.J. Mustard and Dr. Dre.
    Who do you think is the hypest female rapper in the game? Nicki Minaj is really dominating the game. My girl Dej Loaf, that is my home girl she is in the game now. Watch out.
    Are you looking for new talent? If so how do they contact you? Social media, if they have that unique undeniable talent they need to hit me up. Serious inquiries only and be ready to work. We are keeping it small as possible to focus more on the artists.
    I would love to do a face to face interview for my documentary Detroit Producer Series can you make that happen for me? Yes, schedule it, I am there.
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Keeping It Moving, Creating hot music. My company and I becoming a household name.
    How many movies have you produce or were an actor in? I have done 3 Independent  movies. 5k1 with Clifton Powell, Project 313, and 211
    Are there any community programs that you are involved in? Big Herk.  SO SAD Movement, Lip Movement.
    Are you a Democrat or Republican? and Who will you be voting for? I am Independent
    What advice do you give to the young men today who are suffering from injustices, unemployment etc.? Keep fighting for change and keep your head straight and do not get discouraged. Do not be a follower be a leader. Make sure you pray, because prayer helps.
    What are your thoughts about the Lamar Odom situation? I think he is a very down to earth man. Sometimes the life we live is very hard. People always think because you have money that you are happy. Sometimes it is the opposite. His mother died of colon cancer and his young child died of SIDS. This man has suffered tremendously.
    Are you married? Children? Yes, to both questions
    What is your zodiac sign? Leo.

    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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