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    In the Hot Seat, Detroit Film/Music Producer Big Phella Dec. Let's join LaSuria Kandi Allman.

    What city/state did you grow up in?
    Detroit, MI.
    What do you specialize in?
    Musically I specialize in voice tones, patterns, stories, metaphors and punch lines.  
     How long have you been in the music and film industry?
    I've done music consistently since 2005 so about ten years. I did music off and on for about 10 years prior but never was really dedicated to it until I started my first solo album entitled Remember the Name on Big Boy Records, which was released in 2006 after my crew 2Face entertainment dropped HOOD LIFE 2 2004. We had HOOD LIFE 1 2003. Both project was received well on Joyrd. Those projects motivated me to pursue music consistently. 
    I I start doing film after purchasing the camera form the camera man that filmed my first video RIDE CLEAN off my 2nd album DIRTY GAME DIRTY WORLD in 2010. We started taking the camera to open mikes and all the big shows I was doing and turned into getting paid to film the shows, to getting paid for promo and interviews , to getting paid for shooting videos and finally doing short movies!  
    Tell me about Big Phella Vision.
    Big Phella Vision started with rapper buying a camera and film his own journey at shows and different events.  All these local rappers were influence by notoriety and publicity that I was receiving and began to purchase video equipment as well. That's why u see so many cameras at events now because of my leadership and vision. I pave the way. We eventually grew into short film with the OPPOSITE DIRECTION 1 , 2 coming and 3 which hasn't began filming yet. We do music videos behind the scenes for various know artist and videography companies.    
    Who was the first artist/actor you signed or worked with
    Really my first hand shake deal was with SLICK RECORDS back in like 1997.  I was young and just battle dudes at work, on the street and at the legendary hip hop shop. 
    My first actual signee to my label ITZOFFICAL NA ENTERTAINMENT is BUD HE LUV and MICROWAVE MELVIN. MICROWAVE MELVIN project is in the recording process right now.  We are officially releasing BUD HE LUV new project 30DAYZ IM LIVING 1st quarter next year. 

    I've had the hand shake deals with BIG BOY RECORDS to release my 1st album REMEMBER THE NAME and the CROOKED TEAM ALBUM NAPALM BARZ. The deal with Big Boy went sour so I started my own label ITZ OFFICIAL NA ETERTAIMMENT and released them myself.  
    What artists are you working with/shows?
    Artists I work with are mainly, Bud He Luv, Kadoe Beatz,Microwave Melvin. They are under my umbrella. But outside my own umbrella, I've worked with Seven the General, Tony Fenkell, Pistol Atkins,King Yaddie, Lowkey Coleon, Cnoch  ( who I'm about to sign ), Big Bus, etc.
    Do you have any projects/movie releases coming up?
    Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?
    The biting and the hating.  People steal my ideas a the time. They watch me all the time and be taking notes. Hating on to other people but smiling in my face.  
    Breaking down those radio doors was challenging in 2010. Get that radio play, networking, paper work, meetings and greasing palms was challenging but we were semi successful. BDS started to produced a couple dollars and we went from paying to get in the clubs, to getting in for free and getting paid to show up. It was cool.  
    You been in the music/film  industry for while what was the strangest or funniest thing you ever heard or saw?

    First thing to come to mind is a show at the Cotillion Hall on Puritan Ave and Shaffer.  We were rocking a show and going as hard as we could. At this time we were still vibing of the release of remember the name but we had been performing RIDE CLEAN, which did come out on CD till the dirty game dirty world album. Any way the show was off the chain. Big Boy which was the CEO of big boy records decide to rock out standing on a table.  Mind you he was 250 plus then. Well some show while we are performing RIDE CLEAN  he falls off the table the table and breaks his arm. Now I saw him on the stage while I was rapping, then I don't see him. After we got off stage, we find out he fell and literally broke his arm. He didn't go to the hospital. He brought more drinks and stayed.
     What motivates you?
    I motivate myself. I am a true artist. A true artist in the since that Everything I do is artistic. i music and rhymes from an artistic stand point. Colors, painting, pencils and pens. It dope how I view shit. So when I not being creative I get irritated and have to do something. Music is my AAA meeting.
    Who have you collaborated with?
    John Drama,Hydro,FAT RAY,Pistol Atkins,Seven The General, Rolla Dutch,Boskeet a few others. 
    What are your goals in the future?
    To really try an be the label head and put out artist who dope. Continue to go harder and harder on the film tip. Get wealthy while I'm doing it.

    So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on? Everything is Big Phella Dec. I’m the only one in the world.
    Facebook - Big Phella Dec
    Twitter      - Big Phella Dec
    Instagram - Itzofficialna_Bigphelladec
    Have you received any awards/recognition for your work? I did receive an award from one of the main promoters a while back but cant remember exactly what it was for. 
    Are there any film or music producers that you would like to collaborate with? I’d like to do more with a dud AZ let that boy cook. He got some bangers. Me Bud He Luv and Killa Smurf just dropped on one of his beats. And did the video.  I'm really feeling Neisha Nishae right now she dope.  I likeDusty Mcfly and Dej Loaf. I love to drop with future.
    Who do you think is the hypest female rapper in the game? Tink is Dope. But nobody fucking with Nikki. Dej Hot right now.
    Are you looking for new talent/Scripts? If so how do they contact you? Yes I am. I looking for scripts. Send to
    I would love to do a face to face interview for my documentary Detroit Producer Series can you make that happen for me? Yes, you know it baby. 
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A stream of short films under my belt. Bud he Luv and Microwave Melvin on top of they Game. Cnoch winner in Male R&B categories. 
    How many movies have you produce/directed? 2- Both opposite directions. Participated in a few others
    Are there any community programs that you are involved in? No, not at his moment 
    Are you a sports fan? If so who is your favorite team? Lions all day 1-5 but still riding with them. 
    What advice do you give to the young men today who are suffering from injustices? Stay in school and avoid them fuck niggas. 
    What are your views or thoughts on the legalization of Marijuana? Its cool. 
    Are you married? Children? Everybody got some body. 3.  
    What is your zodiac sign? I’m on the cusp, Cancer and Leo
    I would like to thank you for this very powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much Success in all of your endeavors. God bless.

    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
    For booking or Interviews contact me at

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