*When Life & Fiction Collide, Horror Ensues THE PERFECT SOLUTION* #parenting #childcare #thingslegendsaremadeof

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     Brhin-KristofferTeddi is mistakenly given to the wrong person by his preschool teacher. Unfortunately, this mistake may cost him his life.

    When horrors in life start reflecting fiction. A short excerpt from The
    Perfect Solution. #thriller #parenting
    "I placed the most precious thing in my life in your hands and you people did not take your job seriously."~Catrine

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     Scene Inside the Center

    "I am the owner, Mrs. Wall. Nothing like this has ever happened during the entire history of The P. S. Center."  She stated the fact as if she hoped it would clear her of all responsibility of Brhin's abduction. "I run a secure establishment. No one is allowed in without visiting the office first. This is the book," She turned and picked up the brown notebook and gave it to Detective Williams. "That we use to sign the children in and out of The P. S. Center. As you can see, Ms. Teddi's sister signed the boy out at 2:40 p.m."
    "Of course I signed him out." agreed Phae, angrily glaring at the director. "It is a rule of this 'secure establishment', as is the supposedly checking out of the person that comes to get a child."
    "That is true and you are the one that signed him out."
    "Are you totally stupid, woman?"  Staring at Mrs. Wall as if the woman had lost her mind, Phae paused to watch as the reporters entered the building, set up their equipment, and prepared themselves for showing a 'live viewing'. Austin slid in to stand behind the camera crew. "I can’t believe," she continued, "that you are making such a big deal out of the fact I signed my nephew out of this 'secure' day care when you should be worried about the stupid person in your employ that neglected her duties and gave a small boy to a total stranger. What good did it do us to have me sign Brhin out when your people had already given him away? What kind of places are you running here?" She swung her hand to encompass the staff members. "Is everyone in your employ complete incompetent asses? Are they too stupid to find out in whose hands they are placing a child?  I am sure that it is required on each child's application, to have the names of the designated people allowed to take them home. Does anyone check these things?"
    "Phae, please calm down."  Catrine broke in. Pulling the paperboy style hat from her head, she stuffed it into her coat pocket and smoothed her hair with the tips of her fingers. "Mrs. Wall, have you questioned your staff, yet?" When Mrs. Wall shook her head in the negative, Catrine turned to tearfully search the faces of the other women. "Does anyone have any idea who took my baby? "

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