It's Not What you Can Do for Us~pt3-3 Deadly Reasons for Thrillers

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    So, this is our third in the "It's not what you can do for us"interview.  Thank you for hanging in, coming back, and hopefully realizing the value in reading novels written by Ey Wade.
    Today's novel, The Fishing Trip, written on a totally controversial topic is sure to get your senses popping.  Let me show you the clip.

    What do you think? Is there a line between hero and heinous?
    Welcome our guests, Durham, Penny Brooke and her husband, Sheriff Joshua Brooke.
    Turns to welcome guest and sees chair with skeletons in it
    Ha,ha, Durham. I know you don't like being seen, but I bought new furniture and want to have it out here.

    Penny and Joshua laugh. "You have to admit, it looks just like him."

    Durham enters room, pushes chair aside and sits on couch.

    "Ha, ha, Penny. Not funny,"
    Turns to interviewer.
    "Everytime I see that clip, it makes ne feel so much better about the things I have done in life. If anyone has had a child or family member abused and they could get justice for them -  I'm sure they would so the same things and I would shake their hands as the heroes they are."

    Would you, now. And exactly what do you believe readers will get out of reading The Fishing Trip?

    "1.I know they will get a feeling of a job well done. Pedophiles and evil predators of the street."

    2."I think they will get a satisfaction." Penny looks from one to the other guy sitting on either side of her .  Sure, it's wrong to kill, but which is worse- abusing children or eliminating danger? I say more power to Durham. I say, **when the law doesn't work, you work it.

     ** I have to insert here, these are the opinionated thoughts of my guest, in no way do they reflect on how I think.

    3. "Me, personally,  as a formerly abused child, a cop, and someone who wished they could have taken care of a few of the bad guys," Leans over and makes a face at his cast members. "I believe some readers will cone out with a bad taste in their mouth. They may believe, you were a little of your rocker for writing such a book..."

    Me? Why me? I didn't write the book.
    The cast laughs.
    "Please, Ey. You can't fool us. You should have let my man there- fix you up, he's a master of disguises. Now as I was saying. This is a bit of a bitter pill because it slaps the hell out of the root of the problem, corruption- while exposing man's innermost need for revenge  and retribution.  No one wants to admit they would wipe the world clean of perverts if they could, but they sure would read it."
    You're right. Now, I know you all had somewhere else to be and only stopped by for a minute, so I'll say, goodbye now and thanks for coming.
    "Thanks for having us." Penny responded as the trio leaves the room.

    READ MORE INTERVIEWS , here are links for purchase opportunities. We have more great books by Ey so please come back and see us, again.

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