It's Not What You can Do For Us~ 5 Benefits of Picture Books

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    There are five benefits from reading picture books by Ey Wade. Come in an enjoy the interview with the lively characters from three of her novels and learn what they are.

    Thank you for being patient, we will start with our first guests. In the age old tradition of youth before downfall,  we'll begin with the little girls from the children's book series, In My Sister's World.
    Let's welcome Mhia,  Gillean, and Karra.
    *audience applauded as the three sisters scuttle into the room and squeeze together on the couch*
    Welcome ladies, did you have a good trip, here?
    "Yes," Karra giggled  "It was a short hop from our blog."
    *All three girls laugh uproariously . *
    Too funny. Now, we have a short time and many interviews to go. Tell us, the readers, what is the purpose  of your books? What do you feel Ey wade, your author had in mind when she wrote your story? What can they do for us?
    "Hmmm, okay since I'm  older, I'll start and I pick Who Will Hug the Sun. This was a sad, but fun book about hugs. Giving hugs, getting hugs, and wishing for hugs.
    I think Ey wanted us to learn to pay attention to others. It doesn't matter who or what they are, or how unapproachable they seem, people need people and sometimes all it takes is a hug. You never know what kind of surprises come out in the end."
    You think she wants you to run around hugging everybody?
    *The girls laugh, again*
    "Not every single person, silly." Gillean answers. "Only the safe ones and only grownups when your parents are around. You have to be safe."

    "I have a story," Mhia interrupts. "it's about me when I had nightmares."
    Oh really? You don't have nightmares anymore?
    "Oh no. Not after this book."
    What's the name and how does it help?
    "The book is Not a Sound, Not a Peep and it helps to calm children down when they're afraid and it shows families how to spend time with each other. I loved it."
    Sounds really interesting,  I may have to buy it for my grandson. What about you, Gillean? Do you have a favorite book?

    "Oh, yes and this one is about me and is called Between the Two of Them." *She stretches both arms across the back of the couch and rests them on the shoulders of her sisters.* "See. I'm the middle child. My book will let the parents  and the child know the good things about being a middle child. I used to think I was forgotten until Ey wrote this. * she leans forward to whisper at interviewer*  I can be the older sister or the younger sister, they don't have a choice so that makes me unique. That's what Ey wants the middle child to know. That gives me power."
    Wow, that's awesome. I like that. I was a middle daughter, too. It can 'be' a little rough. Thank you girls so much for coming. Those books are wonderful. I'll 'be' sure to let everyone know where to get them. Be careful on your way out and feel free to grab cookies and juice.
    *Audience claps as girls wave before leaving room.*
    Cutest kids ever. READ MORE INTERVIEWS , here are links for purchase opportunities and an early trailer for you to view while  I check to see if our next group is ready.
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    and ready for (whatever model) your eReader to eat them up.
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