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     [Dysfunctional family, trials, and a teen struggling for her physical and mental survival after the loss of her family.]
     Scene: Chance meeting between Debney and Giante' on the stairs inside of King’s Multicultural High School

    "Are you okay?"
    Lifting her head and lowering it just as quickly when her gaze smacked straight into the concerned eyes of Giante’ De Vicari, Debney sighed and cursed under her breath irritably. Not bothering to answer she continued on her measured course down, the action successfully causing him to move with her.
    Gianté walked down the stairs backward and directly in front of her, his left hand sliding unhurriedly down the rail with his the arm held stiffly, successfully giving the impression he would protect her from falling. His hands were huge, smooth and long-fingered. And from what she tried hard not to remember, extremely gentle.
    She felt the heat rise in her face as quickly as the shame entered her thoughts. Above all the others, she remembered him. Every thought she ever had of him caused her to ridicule herself. If the imminent danger of falling wasn’t weighing heavily on her mind, she would have closed her eyes to avoid the compassion in his.
    "You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to pretend you know me, Debney. Hell, we’ve spent every summer together for as long as I can remember. I’m just worried about you, Deb." His voice softened as he whispered the last part.
    "I’m fine." Her voice came out in little more than a whisper. It had been days since anyone had spoken to her. Weeks, if you subtracted the cruel, sarcastic tones of voices. She quickened her steps, trying to brush past him as soon as her feet hit solid ground, but he, as usual, blocked her path.
    "I haven’t seen you in a while. What with football practice and Spring Break, I haven’t had time to roam the halls, but I’ve missed you." He bent down a little to try and see her face through the curtain of her thick, dark hair.
    His smile was encouraging, and the only thing she could see of his face without boldly throwing her head back. No way would she be doing that, she just didn’t feel brave enough to follow through. The last time she let her emotions rule her actions all hell had fallen into her life. She kept her head down and watched her hands gently rubbing her stomach as she encouraged herself to respond.
    "That’s fine Gianté, it didn't matter. Everything has been the same." She sucked in a deep breath and tried to go around him, but was forestalled by his evasive movements. "Can you get out of the way? I have things I need to do before the bell rings."
    "Why do you always run from me, Debney?"
    Closing her eyes briefly, Debney sighed deeply. She just didn’t have time for an interrogation. She knew anything she did out of her ordinary habit of scurrying through the crowd would draw unwanted attention in her direction. Standing still in the middle of the hallway was something she avoided as much as possible. When it came to finding a victim for harassment, she was the biggest target and she preferred to be a moving one. Peering around his shoulder at the students in the hallway, she took a steadying breath. Maybe if she let him have a few moments of conversation he would hurry and move and she would be free to go on her way.
    Pressured beyond belief, knowing she had a short space of time to get through the hallway to the restroom and yet not willing to give him access to such information, she feigned irritation, executed her best wiggling neck in the current, attitudinal, broken-hinged fashion and answered louder than necessary.
    "Why do you always stand in my way, Giant?" her irritation at being confronted plainly showing.
    "You know I don't like you calling me that, Deb."
    Of course she knew. He had been teased with the nickname from the third grade onward. Ever since kindergarten, he’d been shoulders and head taller than the other boys his age, and after the summer of their fifth grade year, he’d outgrown those same boys by another nine inches.
    Tossing her head back to clear the hair from her face, she commanded herself to look him boldly in the eyes and immediately disobeyed. At almost seven feet tall, Gianté looked like a god. A tall, muscular, well-built, beautiful Asian god and she loved him. A fact he seemed unaware of.

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    [About the book: A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker]

    Scene: Austin Sanchez at his home.
    After his harrowing interrogation in the police station, where he learned of the existence and kidnapping of his child for the first time, Austin Sanchez stands in the shower ruminating about his relationship with Catrine Teddi.

    Standing rigid under the water and hoping that the soothing drops would calm him, he closed his eyes and turned his face to the stinging hot spray. As the water ran down his cheeks he let himself remember the last night they had spent together.

    Over the years that they had been apart, he had dared himself to even bring her name to memory. It had hurt him deeply when their relationship ended and his male pride refused to let him go crawling back. Until the day Catrine had thrown him out of her life, he had not realized just how much she had meant to him. He’d felt as if he would die and had spent many days on the verge of tears. For a man of his years that had been a new experience. He had walked around his apartment with barely enough energy to move. He couldn't concentrate. A terrible thing when you are a surgeon. Finally, he had run to his mother like a wimpy little woman and cried on her shoulders. He told her how clinging Catrine had become. How much the girl wanted him in her life and how much the idea of living with someone frightened him.

    "Tin," his mother sat on the sofa looking up at him in barely disguised amusement. She patted the palm of her hand on the cushion next to her 

    "Honey, sit. You’re hurting my neck. What with me looking up at the ceiling and swinging my head to follow you as you wear out the carpet with your incessant pacing; I may never be able to use my neck again." She laughed and patted the spot again when he scowled. "Honey, if you cared that much for this girl, why in the world did you break up with her? She sounded like a dream to me."

    "What are you talking about, Mom? Didn't you hear what I said?  This woman believed that she owned me. Every time I turned around, she was there."

    "You mean she stalked you," his mother stated, tongue-in-cheek, almost laughing when he threw his hands in the air.

    "No." He stood back up. "No, I mean it was like we were never apart. She was just always there. When I got off work, I went to her apartment or she came to mine. When we could, we ate lunch together. She was just always there, washing dishes, clothes, cleaning the apartment, cooking, relaxing...Mom. Mom, stop laughing this isn’t funny. I just felt… I don't know."

    "Loved? Wanted?"

    "No, trapped." he sighed in disgust. "Mom you think this is funny but it isn't. No matter what I did she never trusted me. She was always thinking that I am messing around with someone else."

    "Was she seeing anyone else?"

    "No. As a matter of fact I'm the only one she ever...why am I having this conversation with you? I'm going to Dallas' house. He and Houston are watching the game on television."

    "Yeah, you do that. Your brothers could probably help you a lot better than I can. I think that sometimes you forget that I am a woman. And as such I can understand how this girl feels. If I caught your drift, you're the only person this girl has ever slept with, right?" She continued when he put his head down and studied the circle he was making with the toe of his shoe and didn't answer. "Just that fact would make the girl very emotional. She.... Uhm, what's her name?"  His mother stopped in mid sentence.

    "It doesn't matter. I won't be seeing her again."

    "Right," She scoffed in disbelief. "If it doesn't matter, tell me her name. Would I like her?  How old is she?  Where does she live?  How long have you been seeing her?  Who are her parents? And she doesn't sleep around, huh?  She sounds like a winner to me."

    Austin looked at his mother dubiously.

    "Mom, don't worry about it. I'll be fine."
    "If you answer a few of the questions I would be able to give you an answer.”
    "That's okay Mom. Let it pass. I'll be back." He walked backwards to the door.
    "Fine, go talk to your brothers. Just don't let those chauvinistic macho older brothers make you feel or do something you'll regret later in life. Let them make you wimp out of your true feelings. Make you believe you are whipped or anything. I know how men get when they’re together. You know I always tell you guys you can tell me anything. This time I think you may have to do this on your own. Maybe even think with your heart and not your head."
    He opened the screen and stepped onto the porch. "Yes, Ma’me I will." He turned and almost ran to his car, laughing to himself as he got behind the wheel.

    Catrine Teddi
    Scene: In Catrine’s home after returning from confrontation with the director of the daycare center.

    Turning, and retracing her steps to the living room, Catrine paused in the doorway and immediately felt discomfited at the sight of Austin sitting in the chair and dragging his hands tiredly across his eyes before pressing his face in his hands. He looked just as exhausted as she felt. The way his shoulders were hunched over brought back memories of the times she would massage them for him until the fatigue slid away to be replaced by other emotions. Shaking her head clear of the reverie, she cleared her throat and walked into the room.
    "I'm going to go and lie down for a while. My head hurts," she said, not expecting or even caring whether he replied.
     Taking slow steps to the liquor cart and grabbing a small bottle of water from one of its three shelves, she shook two aspirin from their container on the desk and tossed them into her mouth, drinking from the bottle of water as she walked to her room.
    Stopping in the doorway of her room, she flicked off the forgotten light, dropped the empty water bottle to the floor, slipped out of her shoes and padded across the thick peach colored carpet to the bed. There was such a deep hole of sadness in her heart that it ached. Feeling like she could just lie down and die, Catrine collapsed onto the thick king sized comforter that covered the bed. She wiggled to its middle and pulled the smallest pillow into her arms.
    It was Brhin's favorite. With her face pressed into its softness, her heart overflowed when Brhin's powdery baby smell wafted into her nostrils. Unable to hold back the tears, she sobbed in abandon. The thought of forever being alone flitted through her brain and she felt like dying.
    "Oh, my God, oh my God," she repeated over and over. "How will I live without him?"
    The tears ran unchecked down her cheeks and the misery she was feeling drowned out all sounds of Austin entering the room. Her back was to the door and she lay trembling in a fetal position. He stood on the side of the bed and watched her as she cried. Unsure of what action to take, he removed his shoes and lay on the bed beside her.
    Pulling her into his arms he held her close and rocked her trembling form in comfort. Holding her in his arms felt so natural. She had always fit just right in his arms and he missed her. He turned her to face him and let her cry into his chest.
    "Shhh, you'll make yourself sick," he murmured softly.
    "I'm already sick," she barely whispered the words.
    “You know what I mean." He pulled her closer and tightened his hold on her trembling body.
    "How can I know? I don't know anything anymore."  She whispered into the now damp material covering his chest. "I don't know which is worse. Losing the father or losing the son.”
    Catrine put her arm around his neck and pulled herself further up on his body. Searching for strength in his arms, she pressed her face into his neck. She breathed in deeply in an effort to stop her tears. And for the second that her nostrils were cleared, Brhin's little baby odor was replaced with Austin's cologne and the masculine scent of his body.
    A deep shudder of appreciation and recognition shook her body. She pressed the length of her own body closer to his and remembered how it used to be when they were together. She had missed him. She missed the way the smooth skin of his chest felt under her fingertips.
    Putting her hands under the hem of his sweater she ran her hands around and across his stomach and up to his chest. Stopping to lay the palm of her hand flat on his chest, she trembled at the way the rate of his heart increased.
    She remembered how he had loved it when she drew small circles between his breastbones. Slowly, knowing that it would be his undoing, she slid her index finger against the small indention in his flesh and intentionally drew soft circles around the tiny goose bumps that sprang up.
     His hands trembled as they lifted her sweater and quickly unclasped the front opening of her bra. She gasped when his fingers closed around the nipple of her breast and he captured her mouth with his. For endless moments they forgot everything and became engrossed in each other. Like a slow moving fog, reality slipped in and they remembered. Shifting away from each other, they stood and adjusted their clothing, neither looking at the other.
    "I can't believe I'm doing this." She slung her hand in the general direction of the bed in disgust and walked to the door. Never looking up, she put on her shoes. "I'm going into the living room."
     She was pacing the room and smoothing down her hair when Austin entered and stopped when he started talking.
     "Don't say anything, Austin."  She held up her hand. "It's just something between us. Not a thing that can be fixed." She shrugged her shoulders in dismissal. "But nothing has changed. I still want the same things I have always wanted in life and more. I’ve made promises to God, to myself that I cannot go back on. I won’t let myself get into the same situation I was in before. I'm sure that nothing has changed with you. I see no ring on your finger. You're probably still running around and breaking hearts. I just can't deal with the physical and the personal emotions right now. I have Brhin to think about."
    "I know that and I didn't come here to have a scene in the bedroom. I went in there to offer you comfort and, you know how it is between us.” He cleared his throat. “Let's change the subject.
    THE WOMEN OF THE HILL[Five women share a relationship with the same man}
    Scene: In the home of Phyliss (our narrator) and her initiation into life with Sam
    The very first time I came in contact with Sam, life had already beaten and humiliated me into thinking I was a worthless human being. I’d talked myself into having a very low opinion of the sorry way I was living and providing for my six-month-old daughter. We were trying to live off funds acquired before I was terminated from my job as a medical office assistant and it wasn’t working. Things were so tight I was having a hard time keeping food on the table and the bills paid. After three months of scrimping, I was just about ready to give up and move in with my mother and when my friends hooked me up with Sam.
    Whenever my girlfriends and I got together for our daily ‘4:00 Bash the Stress’ sessions (which was really our way of legitimizing watching Oprah everyday), I cried on their shoulders. I’d been doing this so often they began to laugh at me as soon as I opened my mouth to complain. Each one in turn advised me to get in touch with Sam. ‘Sam is the man’ said one. ‘He could solve all of your problems’ said another. I heard them say ‘Sam could do this and Sam could do that’ so often that one day as we sat in my living room chewing on chips and watching Oprah, I found the courage to ask…
    “Who is Sam?”
    This was Tone’ya Knoes about to answer. Tone’ya is thirty-two years old, the encyclopedia of our group. She’s loud, assertive, and the well-informed mother of two daughters. No truer friend could be found.
    With a Humph at the end of the word, she stood in front of me with her hands resting on her well-endowed hips and shook her head from side to side like a broken shutter. She snapped her fingers two times in an arch above her head and clicked her tongue to the rhythm of the snapping fingers.
    “Girl, don’t you know anything? Wake up, girl.” She snapped her fingers under my nose.” Sam is the only person that can help you. He takes care of us.” She swung her arm to include the three women sitting in front of the television. “How do you think we all make it?”
    “I thought you all had a ‘man’.”
    They all laughed.
    “Of course we do. The thing is; can we depend on them?” Tone’ya questioned with a smirk.
    All of the women shouted in unison and laughed even louder. They shared high-fives and fell all over themselves in merriment.
    “How many of you here can depend on your ‘man’ to remember that you need your bills paid?” She pounded her fist in her opened palm like a frustrated lawyer making a final statement. “Food on the table, pampers on the baby’s butt and most important…money in your pockets?”
    Tone’ya did the snap and arch thing again and everybody in the room cheered while laughingly bemoaning the faults of their men.
    “Well, I can.” Skinny Rayne Moore, the youngest woman in the group stood next to the television and put her hands on her hips in imitation of Tone’ya.
    Whoever this Sam was, I thought. It was obvious it didn’t matter to him how old or young a woman was. Rayne was just making twenty years old. She shook her shoulders, making her breast bounce heavily and gave a very seductive smile.
    We continued to laugh.
    “You laugh, but I know my man takes care of me.”
    “Who are you talkin’ about girl?”Jenny Needs questioned. “I know you not talkin’ about that fat, sorry ass, cradle-robbin’ Shamel.”
    “Honey, please.” Rayne raised her opened hand, in that talk-to-the-hand fashion, towards Jenny.”You know what Shamel is for and he’s not ‘fat’ he’s muscular.” We all snickered. “I’m talkin’ about ‘Sam’.” Rayne ignored our side comments and continued. “Sam will do me no wrong. Sam is the man. Can I get a witness?”
    She raised her arms in the air and danced around as if she had gotten the Holy Spirit. Amen sister and you go girl were repeated over and over as we laughed.
    “So all of you get something from Sam, huh?” I asked after the laughter stopped. “Did you all meet him at the same time?”
    “No.” They all answered together.
    “I hate to ask this because you all just don’t seem the type, but do you all sleep with Sam? Cuz I’m gonna let you know right now, I’m not into ‘kinky’.” I quickly added the last so they would know where I stood. Getting help was one thing, selling my butt and odd sexual acts was another story.
    “What? Are you kidding?” Jenny giggled. She pressed her hands over her mouth as if she were trying to hold in a secret. “Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing.” She looked around at the other women and began chuckling like an idiot.
    “Oh my….” Frankie choked back laughter by making quick fanning motions near her eyes with the fingers of both hands, as she tried to finish her sentence. “Oh, my God we all meet at Tone’ya’s house…” Tears of merriment ran down her face. “Around midnight on the first Wednesday of each month and take turns screwing him on her kitchen table.”
    Letting a loud burst of laughter erupt into the room as she finished speaking, Frankie fell backwards on the couch laughing uncontrollably. Her shoulder bumped Jenny who fell on the floor chuckling and snorting. Rayne and Tone’ya stared at me opened mouth before they too started laughing. Rayne, jumped around in small circles in her delight and Tone’ya, in her enjoyment practically skipped around the room. It was a little while before the loud laughter quieted down to giggles, suppressed snickers and one of them could finally answer.
    “Girl, I think you need some help.” Tone’ya tapped me on the shoulder in a consoling manner, wiped her eyes and resumed her seat. “I’ll have Sam come over here next Wednesday and we’ll do it in your kitchen.”
    The raucous laughter started in the room again. The merriment was contagious and this time I had to join them. Ignorant to what they found so funny, but happy to shed some of my misery.
    “Seriously now,” Frankie straightened herself before continuing. “Girl, are you crazy. No one sleeps with Sam.”

    "A cleverly spun tale of retribution featuring a well-rounded cast of characters."  Brian Springer
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     [ A trial by water, execution and deliverance of retribution. Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten. As an adult and
    tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, he decides to take the law into his own hands]

    Scene: Penny and Joshua’s home after the explosion in the woods.
    Penny heard the ting of glass breaking the same time Graham did. He raised his head and she reached for the gun hidden by the foot post under the bed. She was sitting crossed legged on the floor at the foot of Jamie’s bed, a habit she had gotten into whenever Joshua was out late, scanning through Bertrand’s notes. Closing her computer she put it under the pillow of Graham’s bed.
    Signaling for Graham to be quiet and stay put, she squatted low and tiptoed out of the room. There was no way it could have been Josh entering the house, no reason for glass to break.
    Down the stairs and at the edge of the couch, she stopped and squatted lower with her position hidden by the large ottoman. She was more angry than nervous and promised herself she would hurt anyone who dared to come into her house. Whoever this person was in her house they were about to die trying to get out. As the figure in black drew near to where she was hiding she quietly waited for his feet to appear to make her move. As soon as both feet were in sight she punched him as hard as she could in the groove between the back of his knee and calf, causing the pain filled body to fall face forward. Still in her lowered position, she pressed the gun to his temple.
    “Move and I kill you.” She threatened between clenched teeth. “What the hell are you doing in my house?”
    “Honey, I live here.”
    Even through the moans of pain, Penny heard the humor in Joshua’s voice.
    “Damn it, Josh.” Penny stood and put the gun in her pocket. She reached down to help him up, but he refused to grab her hand, preferring to rub the pain in his leg. “What the hell was the glass breaking about?”
    “I accidently knocked the cookie jar off the cabinet.”
    “Accidently?” She pushed the heel of her hand hard into his shoulder and he lost his balance and fell back on the floor “I’m not buying that, you broke it on purpose. Be honest, admit it.” She smiled down into his face. “You know how you hated the thing. Couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get rid of it huh?”
    “Well, big green frogs with warts have no business holding cookies in their bellies. Gross.” He laughed and changed the subject. “Anyway, I thought you were going to be waiting up for me. If I’d known this was how it was going to be, I would have put on armor.”
    “That was also nearly two hours ago. Where were you?”
    Josh reached for her hand and pulled her down to his side.
    “I did come home earlier, but I saw someone had tried to break in the garage.” He nibbled her ear lobe and kissed the corner of her mouth. “I can only assume they were trying to get in the house. Good thing your car was in there are it would have been vandalized.” He paused to nuzzle the side of her neck. “I went down to the station to get some extra patrol around here. The feel in the station has changed. The guys are looking kinda nervous.”
    “I bet they are. Probably all wondering if their names are on one of Bertrand’s lists. Bethany called earlier; she thinks someone followed her home.” She turned to face Josh and kissed him full on the lips. “Come on, let me help you upstairs.”
    Penny stood and reached for Josh’s hand again and this time he complied. Limping slightly he used the stair rail as his aid.
    “Shit, maybe you should go and protect her from whoever thinks they are brave enough to fight you off. I think you broke my leg. Where the hell did you learn such a move?”
    “I’m sorry. From the self defense classes I took. Being a CPS worker can be dangerous.”
    “Being your husband can be dangerous.”
    “I’m really sorry, Josh. We can warm up your water in the tub. The heat will do you a lot of good.”
    “Only if you get in with me.”
    “I’ll follow you anywhere.”

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