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    Today is a real treat,we join LaSauria Kandi Allman in conversation with actor Dwayne Barnes.

    Dwayne Barnes was born and reared in Detroit, Michigan where he witnessed some of life's harsh realities, which has consequently affected and transformed him as an artist and human being. In his senior year in high school, Barnes, voted "Most Likely to Succeed," won a citywide acting competition and was awarded a scholarship to attend Eastern Michigan University. However, after a few years of collegiate life, Barnes heard the call of his destiny and chose to immediately set his sights on moving to Los Angeles and stardom.

    Not just an actor, Barnes is also blessed with vocal talent and just two years after moving to Los Angeles, his performance in Robert Townsend's, "The Five Heartbeats: The Musical," was nominated BEST ACTOR for an NAACP Theater Award. Barnes also starred in the musicals, "Letters from Nam", which was written and produced by Emmy award-winning director, Paris Barclay, and "Dorian," which The Denver Daily New said, Barnes "gave a knockout performance." Barnes' musical talents also led to a contract with Capitol Records, where he recorded an album with the group H20. The group disbanded before the album was released.

    Barnes has guest-starred in over 30 different episodic shows, including such hit shows as C.S.I, E.R, and Cold Case. Other network guest appearances include, "Without a Trace", "Angel", "Judging Amy", "Numbers", "The Shield" and "Six Feet Under." Following in the shoes of such greats as, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry (Jungle Fever) and Chris Rock (New Jack City), Barnes' haunting portrayal of the cheeseburger loving crack addict in the urban classic Menace II Society has garnered him critical acclaim throughout Hollywood. Barnes next project, which is due out in the Fall 2006 is a suspense thriller "The Flock" starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes.

    Refusing to be just another actor on the circuit, Barnes co-wrote and starred in, Memorial Street (2003), a short film, inspired by his real life relationship with his mother. The film is a touching portrayal of a mother and son's broken relationship and the challenges that they are forced to go through, and somehow sustain the undying love innately shared between the two. Memorial Street was chosen by A.F.I's Women in Film Program and also starred, "Magnolia's" April Grace.- IMDb Mini Biography By: Tangie Ambrose

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    What city and state did you grow up in? Detroit, Michigan
    What was it like growing up in Detroit? It was rough, it wasn't easy it made me the man I am today.
    Tell me something about yourself?  I am very disciplined, dedicated, I believe in people and humanity. Everything is possible my mission is to inspire.
    How long have you been in the film industry? I moved to California in 1990. I was 19 years old, 25 years.
    What was your first movie you were in? Baywatch and Menace to Society 1993. I played the Basehead.
    Are there any actresses and actors that you would like to work with? Regina King, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Don Cheathum, Angela Bassett they inspire me.
    How many movies have you been in? Can you name them? I have been in over 60 movies and TV programs too many to name. I also have been in many commercials. 
    Tell us about your current role? I will be on NCIS December 7, 2015 10pm on CBS as US Marshall Drew Groyler.
    Tell us about your very first audition and what movie was it for? Boyz in the Hood, I auditioned  for the character in the wheelchair.
    Have you ever experienced stage fright? It comes more with the auditions, when I'm on a movie set I don't get nervous. It's more on the audition side because you are being judge by 3 people and you are trying to do your best.

    What inspired you to become an  actor? For a year I wanted to be a singer. I went to Cody High School, I audition for the drama club. From that moment I loved it. You get a chance to express yourself, being free without judgement. It's my therapy, I love it, it has to be your passion.
    I know you have been in Hollywood for a while what was the funniest thing you ever heard or saw? I can't  seem to think of any, can we come back to the question later.
    Are there any challenges in the film industry that you have dealt with and overcame? Nervousness, and anxiety
    What type of roles do you seek out? I am from Detroit so the Blood, Sweat, Tears, Drama, Pride, Gritty, Emotional.
    How long normally does it take to learn your lines? It doesn't take me that long, putting yourself in the situation and using your imagination. Learning lines isn't the goal.
    Was there a role that you sought after and was denied or you were  overlooked? It was so many, that is the life of an Actor. God chose this profession for me.
    What advice would you give to aspiring actresses and actors who are trying to get into the industry? Make sure it is your passion and your dream. It isn't easy at all.
    You have played in so many movies, which one was your favorite and why? Menace to Society was my favorite. It was also the hardest for me, my mother was on drugs. She was in a comatose state. That was hard for me. I got a chance to experience what she had experienced by playing that role. It was tormenting and became beautiful. I am proud of it, it shaped me. It set the tone for me to be a good actor.
    During your career have you had a love, romance, with one of your Co-stars? No.

    What actress do you have crush on? Regina King, supremely talented.
    I know that you are into music, what was the name of your group ?Hard 2 Overcome (H20) In 1990 signed to The Whispers under Capitol Records recorded a album.

    When did you form the group, and do y'all still hook up from time to time? 1990, No, just distant memories.
    Is there any roles that you are currently seeking out? Anything that speaks to my heart. I am just open. I want to be a star on TV.
    Where do you see yourself at in 5 years? Being on a series, inspiring the world.
    Is there any movie producing or directing in your future? Tried it a few years ago, I'm focusing on acting now
    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on? Fb, Instagram and Twitter
    Are you married? children? Single, single, I have not found that person. I have a daughter and grand daughter
    Your zodiac sign? Sagittarius Nov 26
    Your favorite food? Sweet Potato pie
    Any last words that you like to say to the viewing and listening audience. Love each other and accept each other. Enjoy life be happy.

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