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    Thank you for joining us, here In The Chair.  In the next few weeks, we will be having conversations with the citizens of each of my novels. They will be sharing tips and information about their hobbies. So stay tuned to hear about gardening, photography, cooking, childcare, etc.

    Today, we start off with a delightful visit from the beautiful and ethereal , Paisley Murong from When Clouds Touch.
    On the novel's blog, take a look at how the story came together.
    Oh, I see Paisley has arrived. Let's get stared.

    Ey: Good Morning, Paisley. *Looks around Paisley as she escorts her to the interview area.* I don't see your parents anywhere,they let you come alone?

    Paisley: Yes, barely. They dropped me off. I told them I had a class.  *Moving closer, Paisley whispers* I'm meeting Malachi later.

    Ey: Well, then let's get this interview over with quickly. I'm not one to stand in the way of true love.

    Paisley: And I appreciate that. I actually adore you for the story you wrote for Malachi and I. I never thought I would ever find anyone who loved or cared for me as a regular human. I was so happy you didn't write e as a gutless moron- well, not totally gutless. *she laughs* You did make me a little 'soft' at times. But then, I understand. My parents can be a little overbearing,

    Ey:Why don't you tell us a little about your life. I explained a little of how we met each other, but I'd like you to share some of your thoughts.

    Paisley: Our initial meeting seems kind of strange. I remember sitting in the corner of your mind, waiting for my turn. Trying to figure out how to get you to see me, when I suddenly saw you looking at a picture of a person that resembled me. From that moment, I had to get your attention and everything in me, had to come out. It was as if a dam broke.

    Well, as an infant I nearly died and as a child, I had a few surgeries- heart, eye. Some of the things that come with having Albinism. Lots of colds, pneumonia...things that made my parents neurotic.

    I didn't have many friends. People either wanted to tease me or hang around with the freak so they could get attention.

    There was this one girl, who gave my mom hell to let us be friends and we broke a lot of rules together. Gosh I loved her. She treated me like an everyday person. And then there is Malachi. My heart stops at the thought of him. She chuckles.
    Let me tell you, I also like the way you explain the condition on my blog. You're outstanding.

     I have one issue, though. You have given me all things that would drive any parent a little insane, but you gave my parents a phobia that's hard to override- they are practically intolerable.
    Some of the scenes we had to go through, I tell you, I wanted to run away many times.

    Ey: Actually, I kinda like your parents. Especially your dad. His shell is hard,but he has nothing but mush inside. Your mom,now that's another story. What do you find most intolerable, challenging about your situation?

    Paisley: Not being able to drive. I want to buy me a shiny red sports car, jump behind the wheel whenever I want. Go to the beach, speed off to the nearest farmer's market and buy me all kinds of fruit... just toss the wagasa and grab arms full of sunshine and blue skies.

    Ey: You know what happened the last time you tossed that umbrella and dug your feet into the sand.

    Paisley: Yes, I had the most enjoyable day of my life. As a matter of fact- I'm meeting Malachi in ten minutes. I don't know what he has planned, but he said bring tennis shoes and knee pads. *she dug through her enormous shoulder bag and held up the items* I don't know what we'll be doing, but I'm not going to keep him waiting.

    Paisley rushes to the door and turns back with a smile:

    Paisley: Thanks for having me. Be sure to let you audience know to pop over to my blog, read some of the mess and lovely scenes you had us endure, grab pins- oh and buy the book.

    So, audience. Thank you for stopping in. Do as Paisley asks and see you again, next week with one of the ladies from Tripping Prince Charming.

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