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    Hello, welcome to IN THE CHAIR and our chat with P.C. Zick. It’s been a little while since we had a visitor and I’m really excited to hear from this author to sit in our chair.

    She has a new romance novel, Behind the Altar which you can read about and preorder.

    P.C. Zick began her writing career in 1998 as a journalist. She's won various awards for her essays, columns, editorials, articles, and fiction. She describes herself as a "storyteller" no matter the genre. She was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in 1980. Even though she now resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Robert, she finds the stories of Florida and its people and environment a rich base for her storytelling platform. Florida's quirky and abundant wildlife—both human and animal—supply her fiction with tales almost too weird to be believable. She writes two blogs, P.C. Zick and Living Lightly. She has published three nonfiction books and six novels. Her writing contains the elements most dear to her heart, ranging from love to the environment. In her novels, she advances the cause for wildlife conservation and energy conservation. She believes in living lightly upon this earth with love, laughter, and passion. "This is one of the most exciting times to be an author," Ms. Zick says. "I'm honored to be a part of the revolution in writing and publishing."
    Without taking more of your time, I see Ms. Entering the studio so let’s start the interview.

     EY: When did you start writing, and what did you write about?
     I first started writing when I was a young mother and high school English teacher. I wrote at night. It was a novel loosely based on my life growing up in a small Michigan town. It attacked hypocrites and closed-minds.  

    EY: Please write a few lines about the books you have published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.

    I’ve written six novels and the seventh novel is in serious edits right now. It’s scheduled for release in October. Each of my novels is different in my approach. My first novel was written in an omniscient point of view, which I realize now is old-fashioned and usually the mark of a newbie. The second book A Lethal Legacy is written in first person point of view. The narrator is a male and that was quite a leap, but I wanted to stretch my writing wings. Tortoise Stew was my first Florida book filled with a love story but with heavy overtones of eco-journalism. Trails in the Sand is my second book in the Florida Fiction series and it switches point of view to show different views of family dilemmas. It also could be considered eco-journalism. Native Lands is the third book in the series, and it’s scheduled for release October 29. Right now I’m struggling with edits, and it mainly has to do with point of view. In between, I wrote Live from the Road, a chick lit travel novel about four women headed down Route 66. Finally, I just published my first romance after taking the class Romance in a Month. I started the class in May and really did write a draft in thirty days. I published it this month. Behind the Altar is the first book in the Behind the Love trilogy. I’ve already started the second one for the second Romance in a Month class.

      EY: Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan?

     Ideas pop in my head and I start writing. I’m not much of a planner until I’ve written some chapters and then I start plotting a bit to make sure the book contains the elements necessary to make it a good story.

     EY: I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?
    You’ve hit on a sore topic for me. I’m struggling with this one. All I can advise is to keep writing, if that’s what you love to do. Keep publishing books and try different things. The world of Indie Publishing and publishing in general is changing so quickly, it’s hard to know what works. Two years ago when I published Live from the Road the free days in KDP Select worked wonders, but then that bubble ended a few months later. Keep writing and be willing to try new things. Perseverance and flexibility are my mantras.  
    EY:Where can the audience purchase your books?

     They may go to my website at www.pczick.com to find my books. They may also go to my Amazon page at http://www.amazon.com/P.C.-Zick/e/B0083DPN4E 

    EY: What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing? 

     My husband and I enjoy boating and kayaking. We also play golf. And in the summer, I’m busy in the kitchen preserving all the produce my husband grows in our large garden. And of course, I’m an avid reader. Thank you, Ey
    Ey: Thank you for visiting us P.C. Zick, it's been fun.

    Amazon Author Page U.S. - http://www.amazon.com/P.C.-Zick/e/B0083DPN4E
    Website: P.C. Zick
    Twitter: @PCZick

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    1. P.C. Zick says:

      Thank you so much for hosting me, Ey. I enjoyed stopping by and chatting.

    2. Ey Wade says:

      Yay, I'm happy you had a good time.

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