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    The Women of the Hill- From the series...Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me

    The Women of the Hill is an affair to remember. It is the first book in the series Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me. Sam a jealous provider and protector who simultaneously gives and takes away in this tale of five female friends sharing in the trials and humiliations of having a relationship with the same person.

    PHYLLIS PRICE fell in love, bought what she thought would be a family home, became pregnant, her man ran off, she lost her job and now struggles as a single mother. How much different is her situation from the woman living next door? Not very, because each of the five women living at the end of the cul de sac on Hill Lane is entangled in an enslaving humiliating relationship with the same person, Sam. Through the writings of her memoirs Phyllis employs flashbacks and subtle weaving of conversations with her five friends to explain the presence of Sam as the heavy observance of a jealous lover. It takes the death of one of them to severe the ties and conjures up the ‘fairytale’ happy ending.

    RAYNE MOORE 18 and the youngest member of the group, is a mother of a son and living with an older man. FRANKIE DUZ, home schools her children baby sits on the side and JENNY NEEDS is a teacher in the public schools and a parent of four children whose husband left her for a cousin. At four o’clock in the evening on a daily basis the women get together at Phyllis’ house to watch Oprah, eat snacks and discuss the events of their day. They call it their ‘Stress Bashin’ Session’. During one of these sessions, she is coaxed into hooking up with Sam. After filling mounds of paper and waiting for hours in his office, she is rejected. Feeling humiliated and unwanted Phyllis returns home and dauntlessly struggles to keep her finances. Just as she is sinking into the red and the job is about to play out, TONE’YA KNOES a physically abused divorced mother of two daughters, attending college in the hope of starting a nursing career is the group’s know-it-all. She explains the slight deceptions that are necessary to become one of Sam’s privileged and pays the ultimate price when it becomes obvious they must separate.


    By Cassondra

    Ms. Wade, you continue to hold my attention with your stories. What I admire about you is that you take everyday life as a foundation. This story of five women was true to form. You displayed how in everyday life women continue to do what they need to do to maintain their families. I experienced both tears and laughter while reading.

    I was happy to see those succeed in finding happiness, while feeling sorrow for those who lives met with tragedy.

    What you bring to the table is what I look for in a good read. I will continue to read your work! 

    Ms. Wade has given us a story that both captivates and alarms.

    Five women, each with a different and unique story, come together as friends in their homes on a hill. In their attempt to regain financial security they become part of a system created by Sam to help. But Sam seems to be less help and more intent on locking them into poverty. As Sam takes over their lives and those of their children they learn the very real lesson that there is seldom as easy fix to the travails of life. Once you let Sam into your life all control is relinquished and you become just a number. He steals your soul.

    But while Sam is an invasive and controlling part of this story, the real story is that of the friendship and bonding of the women. As they come together five days a week to share their lives and watch Oprah their friendship grows and they learn life's lessons from each other.

    But even when lessons are learned and understood not everyone is able to change the course of their lives. Danger can be anywhere and it comes even to the hill. The very place they have worked so hard to make safe and secure for their children. It comes disguised as love wearing a mask that hides its intent. Violence has come to the hill and changed each of their lives forever.

    This is a story well worth reading. A story of friends bonding over soda and Oprah I felt I knew these women. Ms. Wade has brought them to life and given us a very real peak inside the hearts and minds of women who struggle to put food on the table, laughing and loving each other and their children. They are any of us.

    Karen Bryant Doering,
    Parent's Little Black Book

    Format:Kindle Edition
    The Women of the Hill took me by surprise. More a novelette than a full length novel, it's packed full of personality and energy. Within the setting of a close-knit circle of friends, realistically drawn with razor-sharp, true to life dialogue, a plot is woven of African-American women struggling to survive economically and raise their children in the face of marriages and relationships gone wrong. The ending was so surprising and shocking that I was literally biting my nails as I whipped through the pages. Ey Wade knows how to portray real characters and tell a story with equal parts humor and pathos...a story that never loses its punch. 

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