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    Author: Ey Wade Genre:

    Retribution is Evoked on a Town Harboring Pedophiles.
    Set in Shiningbal,Texas where the perverted go to disappear, child sexual abuse the norm and when the legal system is the monster, redemption doesn’t play nice. Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten. As an adult & tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, his fishing excursions are to die for.

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     Child Molesters Are Dead Fish In This Thriller
    This was a realistic tale of taking justice in your own hands. What stood out was the characters. I could feel their anger and taste their need for vengence. You hate to sympathize with this varied group of outlaws but you find yourself rooting for them as they take child rapist off the roles of society. Ms. Wade has done her home work on this book. Five stars....a great read at a steal of a price. Highly recommend

     A solid read, well-written and engaging.,

    Brian Springer "Springer13"A cleverly spun tale of retribution featuring a well-rounded cast of characters. It's clear the author has done extensive research on the subject of child abuse and is truly trying to make a difference with this book. I wish the nefarious nature of the town were explained a bit more but overall there was a nice balance of dialogue and exposition. A solid read, well-written and engaging. 

     A Perfect Read !!!!By sjp (uk) - 
    Ms Wade, has shown the mastery that she truly has in the writing, construction, and execution of this book. It tells of how once you are something, no matter how well you try to mask yourself, the truth will ALWAYS rear its ugly head. The jumping back and forth works perfectly, as does all of the situations Ms Wade has created.
    I would highly recomend this book as a must read.
    I was unable to put it down, and felt a part of the story imbedding itself into me. 100% perfect !!!! 
    Can you ever escape your past?By Debbie -This is a complex story dealing with complex issues. Wade cleverly intertwines past and present as we learn how the events of childhood shape the present lives of a family torn apart by betrayal and abuse. Just how far will one man go to exact revenge for the death of his sister?

    I found this novel occasionally confusing in places - when the flashbacks are of characters with different names, it took me a while to connect the people together. But it was ultimately a satisfying read after the loose ends were tied and I came away realising that no matter how often you change your identity and start over, you can never escape who you are inside. 
    debra johnson 
    Great book! Talented author. Will read Ms. Wade from here on. If you want a good spine tingling read, buy this book!!!! Well worth the process of signing onto Smashwords.

    PRICE CUT FOR A LIMITED TIME. $2.00 and available in MOBI, ePUB, and PDF formats. I suggest those with Kindles download the MOBI file to their computers, then email the file to their Kindle). For sales made from Amazon (other online stores) or Barnes & Noble, the regular price of $4.00 is in effect. That leaves you $2.00 for the popcorn. If you prefer, you can click on the links here and be taken directly to the eBook's product page at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. "The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution" by Eywade2001 on Ganxy

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