An Interview With the Sun

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    Hello, friends thank you for coming.Today I'm doing something I have never tried before, I am interviewing the sun. I've donned my protective clothing and eye gear in order to do this. Please be aware our sound requirement will be turned on as loud as it can go in order for us to catch the sun's voice so please make sure yours is not equal in volume.
    If you have read the book WHO WILL HUG THE SUN, you already know of the funny, and sometimes sad adventures the sun endured in order to be hugged.  All things accomplished this weekend will be another great day between the moon and the sun.

    Hi Sun, I read here that you were finally getting another hug.

    The sun positively glows in her excitement "Yes, that's true. My friend Moon will be here. Tonight is special though. We're having an Annular Solar Eclipse. It's a little different, because the sky won't get as dark. But it is still a nice hug.

    Whew, I remember the first time you two got together before that it was crazy. The stalking of earth's inhabitants, chasing of birds and planes, squeezing the droplets out of clouds.

    Yeah, well I'm really sorry about that. The sun momentarily hides her shame behind a passing cloud Listen, you promised this will be short. I have a few miles of trees and plants I need to shed a little light on. So, hopefully we'll see each other at the big hugfest, right?

    Of course. I'll be the one peeking behind a welders mask. Thanks for stopping by, Sun. I really need to get out of this gear. I'm smothering.
     I understand. Thanks for having me. And everyone out there who will be coming to watch the hug, be sure to wear protective coverings over your eyes. And while you're waiting for tonight, go on over, grab and read Who Will Hug the Sun to the little ones. I can guarantee they'll love it.

    Thanks for the advice Sun. Thank you everyone for stopping by and don't forget to buy the book.

    Newest Review: It took me less than fifteen minutes to read this beautiful story -- perhaps because I got into each picture.
    In Spanish the Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine. I was surprised to read the reverse in English; now I may understand why a car is feminine in the Queen's language.
    Do you know what impelled me to buy the book? The title. It intrigued me; the story engulfed this old fellow.
    This love story convinced me that Ms Wade knows how to dive into her inner child's fantasies but convey them as the adult she is. The final outcome was excellent.
    Grammar and punctuation? Quite flawless.
    My congratulations to the sketch artist.

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    2 Responses so far.

    1. RH Ramsey says:

      This is so very creative. I reallly enjoyed it and applaud your talent/gift!

      I was recently reading a character "interview" on a book promotion site, and am working on one as well. It won't be nearly as creative as this, but I'm inspired still even more!

      I'm going to check out the book for my 2 and 6 year old.

    2. Ey Wade says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by Rhonda. Interviewing my characters are as much fun as talking to myself. We get along so well together. I know you and the children will enjoy the book its so cute.

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