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    Hurry! Go Sign This Petition. Save an Innocent Man's Life: James Gibson,  one of the tortured victims of the notorious ex-Chicago cop, Jon Burge, who ran torture ring against the Black citizens, sits in prison for a crime he did not commit and has never been charged with.

    For 26 years and INNOCENT man has been incarcerated. Listen to his audio interview below. James was up for a new trial in October in which the judge excused himself and a new date has been set for December 2015, we need 35 signatures to release James and let him finally live a life of freedom.

    It is unjust that James Gibson has been left behind, that statues of limitations have run their course while he remains behind bars.
    Reparations, as mentioned in the Chicago Tribune, are being paid to victims and their families, and James is being ignored and forgotten.
    On April 14, 2015, the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, announced the creation of a $5.5 million city fund for individuals who could prove that they were victimized by Burge. Burge said. he found it hard to believe that Chicago political leadership could "even contemplate giving reparations to human vermin". The fund was approved by the Chicago City Council on May 6, 2015.

     James' accuser, Anthony Holmes, a former gang member arrested by Burge in 1973 told the Chicago Tribune he was tortured after being  taken to a police station where detectives hooked him to an electrical box,  pulled a bag over his head and shocked him over and over again until he confessed to a murder he hadn’t committed.  
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     Jon Burge, a destroyer of the lives of over 140 (read PDF)men, was imprisoned and released after four years, yet this innocent man remains behind bars.The things Jon and his accomplices did to the victims, some as young as 13 are to horrible to imagine but can be read here.
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    Holmes eventually spent 30 years in prison for the killing he was tortured in to admitting." He has since, been released from jail.
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     We are fighting for the release of James Gibson.
    • View the video first....Then go online and sign the petition... 
    • Go to Free James Gibson Facebook page...read it... 

      In an attempt to set the record straight, and have him released, we have launched a full assault of letters and phone calls to the media and the powers that be. We have established petitions, Free James Gibson Facebook page, detailed the full issue on radio shows. Even having the community at large, spread the word through social media sites and flyers. We must not let this injustice go unchallenged. Our voices must be heard, I urge you to STAND UP. Please get involved by contacting the official numbers below. 
    Tell them to FREE JAMES GIBSON

    Together We Can Make A Difference!!!
                          LaSuria Kandi Allman

    More info contact
    Sarmarra Burks sarmarra@gmail.com

    Illinois State Attorney Office
    69 W. Washington,  suite 3200
    Chicago, Illinois 60602
    Director: Anita Alvarez  State Attorney

    Civil Action Bureau
    50 W, Washington  rm. 500
    Chicago, Illinois  60602
    Sarmarra Burks. My uncle was beaten and burned, I saw him after he was sent home and after his arrest. I have been to so many court hearing, jail visits, and prison visits. The first hearing was a fiasco. I just knew the judge would set him free after the original suspect and Eric Johnson's sisters perjured themselves because that's what a judge does right? Wrong!
    • When the judge said to my Uncle "I will never let you free because you're a sorry loser."
    • When his attorney said, "Somebody has to go to jail because a white man was shot."
    • When the police beat the snot out of my uncle and burned his tattoo off with an iron yeah I realized, the world wasn't fair for people of color and they didn't even care.
    • When people lie and are a part of what happens, you ask constantly, "Why won't they just tell the truth?"
    • When people in power are involved you wonder, "How do they sleep at night knowing what the did?"
    • When your career was advanced on the back of another human-being's freedom, you should ask yourself, "Do you ever think you will get caught or is your victory bitter sweet?"
    • When people don't rally behind you to free a torture victim, you wonder "Do lives REALLY matter to them?"  
    • When someone is tortured on American soil and the people in authority essentially get away with it, "You wonder about people who are supposed to serve and protect"
    • Hundreds of people were tortured under the rule of John Burge. He was only convicted of perjury; not torture.

    Free James Gibson, sign the petition.Hear his side of the story through audio interview:

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    For booking or Interviews contact Kandi at
    909-264-0878 and lasuria83@gmail.com
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