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    Hi, Penny Brooks from The Fishing Trip here. My author Ey Wade is having a chat with Tracey's author, ReallyRashida and so she thought it would be cool for me to chat with Tracey from the novels, Toxic The Prequel and Toxic. I guess its because we both like to , uhmm...clear mistakes and assert justice.  Here's a bit about the books and then we'll get right to the chat.

    About Toxic the Prequel: Tracey, Andre, and Punkin are the major players in this short story of abuse, secrets, and toxic love.
    Black eyes, bloody lips, and constant cheating have become Tracey's way of life. Her boyfriend, Andre, has engulfed her in a twisted love triangle with his side piece, Punkin, that caused her to take their young son and go into hiding.
    It's all good at first, but Tracey soon finds out that she was able to run but she definitely can't hide.

    Toxic: Love is a hell of a drug and Tracey is a full-blown addict. Just when she thought she was over the lies, abuse, and betrayal from her boyfriend, Andre, she had fallen right back into his trap. What started out as a romantic reunion between the estranged lovers ended in kidnapping and over twelve hours of torture for Tracey.
    When she was finally set free she ran to the person who always bails her out when she gets knee deep in drama: her best friend and mentor, Sandra. Hearing how Andre violated Tracey again told her that it was time to introduce an unorthodox way to stop Andre permanently. Tracey was going to kill him and Sandra would teach her how.
    The plan was done and the scene was set perfectly. All Tracey had to do was slip some poison in Andre's drink. Unfortunately, the murder goes terribly wrong and he escapes. Now Tracey has to find him and finish the job before it's too late.

    So, Tracey, what do you like about your situation in your book?
    I like that I get to be a bad ass. (Laughs) I'm nicer in real life than I'm portrayed in the book.

    What do you dislike about your situation in your book? - Being such a naive little gullible girl. I was so dumb over my ex. I don't like people thinking I'm weak so that pissed me off a little.
    If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change? - There is a character that dies that I would have kept alive. Their story has so much more to it that could have been told.

    What would you keep?
     I would keep the love of my life.

    Do you have a family? If so, how is your family life?
    Of course I have a family! (Giggles)  I have a four-year-old son named Trey and my husband's name is Eric. We live in a small town in rural Ohio but we're from Cleveland so we visit there a lot. We live a pretty simple life. He travels a lot for work so it's just me and the munchkin most of the time. I'm close to my parents and me and my sister are in the process of starting a supper club. Life's pretty good.

     What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your story?
    - I want people to, first of all, wake up and leave bad situations. Abuse is not okay so get out of that. It's hard but it's so worth it. The other thing I want people to take away from the story is that you can always get another chance at life. Age or circumstances don't matter. You can change your life for the better and do whatever you put your mind to. Toxic is a rollercoaster ride so just put your arms up and enjoy the ride.

    What do you really think about your author? –
    I think Rashida is such a good person inside and out. She's smart and she cares about people.

    Wow, this has been a nice chat, Tracey. I hear you're going on a virtual book tour. I wish you the best of luck on your tours. Tell everyone where they can find your books.

    Yes, I will. Everyone my story is available through Smashwords -and Amazon -
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