In the Chair

    Welcome to the Party

    Author: Ey Wade Genre:

    Catrine opened the front door and ushered her guests out of the cold and into the In The Chair studio.

    "Hi, come in. Come in. I'm so happy you decided to come to the party. We are all so excited to have you here. Our author Ey Wade is busy at the moment. Hopefully she'll be able to drop in before the night is over. Let me introduce you to everyone.

    In case you didn't know, I'm Catrine from the novel The Perfect Solution. I'll start with the youngest of the group.

    The giggling little girls playing with my son are sisters from the picture books In My Sister's World. The cutest and sweetest little girls, ever.

    In the corner over there on the couch is Debney and her friends  from the novel D.N.A..  Debney please wave to the people." Catrine directed the teen who immediately responded with a smile and a wave.

     "That lovely, scary looking dog is Noah. He belongs to Durham and of course Durham is no where to be seen. If you have never read his book, The Fishing Trip. I highly recommend you do. The characters are outstanding if not a little frightening."

    "The Women From the Hill, " Catrine swung her hand to indicate the women standing in a small group against the nearest wall. "Tend to hang together, but they can be so much fun.

    There are so many people I would love to introduce you to, but why don't you just look around. Enjoy the foods. We have a special catering brought in by Carmella Candi who is from Ey's soon to be finished novel, Tripping Prince Charming. 

    But, before I leave you to your own devices, let me just say how honored, we as mere characters from someone's imagination, have been with the generous reviews we have received for our novels. This has been a glorious year and we see great things happening in the new year. Again, Thanks for coming, grab some party favors and anything you want to eat.

     Have a safe and happy New Years."

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    1. Looks like you've got a great houseful of guests here!

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