Little Girls and Easter Bunnies

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     A strange thing has happened- our IN THE CHAIR studio has been taken over by little girls and the Easter Bunny.

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     Since it is so close to Easter I have gladly stepped back and let my characters Gillean, Mhia, and JaKarra from the picture book series 'In My Sister's World' interviews Charlie Rabbit from the novel Charlie Rabbit-The Easter Bunny by author Ian Davies . Read my review of  the book  here.

    Charlie Rabbit is available as part of 'Charlie Rabbit's Adventures' series on Amazon.. Other single stories available in this series include:
    Charlie Rabbit Discovers Christmas Day
    Charlie Rabbit and the "Haunted House"
    Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Seaside
    Okay, now that the business part of this is over, let's move on to the interview. From where I'm sitting (far off into the corner) The little girls are sitting at the cutest little table all set up for a tea party. Think Alice in Wonderland cute.
    An Interview with Charlie Rabbit!
    JaKarra, the eldest of the three sisters starts the interview by introducing everyone and placing trays of snack on the table. She and her sisters take turns shaking the paws of their fuzzy guest.

    Jakarra: Hi Charlie, So glad you could make it. Where are you from?

    Charlie: Hi, I live in my very own little house at the base of an oak tree in the New Forest in Hampshire England. It is a lovely place to live as you know from my Christmas story, it is so pretty there and the other animals are so friendly.

    Gillean: What has been your worst day ever? (She pours and hands him a cup of tea

    Charlie: Well not a really bad day, but when I went pony riding for the first time I did get a little sore and I am pretty sure my best friend Red the squirrel thought it was highly amusing. But then he does find a lot of things amusing and we often end up having a lot of giggles when we are together. He is a great friend and we often help each other out.

    Mhia (the youngest. Just adores ponies):Tell me about the pony ride.

    Charlie: Well it is in my 'Goes Pony Riding' story already, but the pony is called Mack. Apparently, he told me, he was named after an American truck and his ancestors came to England from New York.

    Mhia (quickly shoves a plate of cookies in front of Charlie. She wants one badly but was instructed by her mom to wait for her guest to eat first) How did you come to meet Red the Squirrel?

    Charlie: Hahaha ! That was a funny day. We met when I was being nosey really. I had a look around this very old derelict house and he made me jump. Well not scared you understand, but I did wonder what the strange noise was. This is explained in my 'Haunted House' story, but of course it wasn't really a haunted house. Red and I have been best buddies ever since and his family are so nice and thoughtful.

    Mhia: I just love animals.What other animals live in the forest?

    Charlie: Well there's Mr Badger, I don't often see him as he really does not like the daylight, and hides away when it is sunny. He talks really slow and low and sounds asleep even when he is awake :)
    Then there's all the different birds in the trees, they sing a lot and make a very pretty noise.
    There is also Farmer Michael, his children and the children of the other farmers. We don't spend a lot of time together but at Christmas and Easter it is nice to do something with them like playing in the snow and throwing snowballs. That is great fun! and of course there is Easter and the egg hunt when I get to be the Easter Bunny.

    Jakarra: How exciting! I love Easter and the candy. (JaKarra laughs  little)

    Mhia: I like holding bunnies. (Charlie wiggled his ears nervously and scooted out of reach.)

    Gillean: Mr. Charlie doesn't like to be held, Mhia. What is your favorite story and why?
    Charlie: I like the Christmas story the best. Partly because it was my first adventure and my first ever Christmas and the wonderful surprise it was for me. I will always remember that day for sure. Also because I learned a lot that day and the time spent playing outside made it even better. I will always remember that Christmas.

    Gillean:What is your favorite food?

    Charlie: That's an easy one. I am a rabbit so it has to be carrots, though I do like cabbage as well and quite a few other vegetables. It is lovely when Red's mother does the cooking and invites me round for dinner.

    I see our time is up and we have to say good bye.Thank you for coming by  Charlie.
    Charlie: You're welcome, and if you ever get to the New Forest be sure to look me up. I will be happy to make you a nice cup of tea!
    Gillean: Don't forget, all books mentioned can be purchased through Amazon.
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