You Can Lead a White Horse...Interview With Guys From Tripping Prince Charming #thingslegendsaremadeof

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    You can lead a white horse to the castle,  but it doesn't mean the drawbridge will
    be let down.

    Ey, here. Thanks all for returning. I don't know how familiar you are with the romance of Tripping Prince Charming, but it is the tale of three women,  feed  up with love stories and the three men in pursuit of them.

    Today our interview will be with the guys from Tripping Prince Charming. Nathaniel, Franklin and Bernard. I hear they have a big surprise in the making, maybe we'll be able to get them to give us a small hint of what it is.

    Hi, guys, welcome. Take a seat anywhere. I'll start the questions with, Bernard, if you all don't mind. *Ey reaches out and shakes Bernard's extended hand*

     "No problem , here." Franklin releases the button on his suit jacket and sits between Bernard and Nathaniel.

     "Just so you know," Ey placed canned drinks on the coffee table in front of them. " I've met the ladies during an earlier broadcast, but I want you tell me what you feel for them and let the audience know which is your girl. Okay Bernard, start."

     "Right, Ivy is the the closest thing to Heaven I can imagine. Tiny in stature, cute as can be, but a bit of a busy body. She wants everyone  happy and in love before she settles  down ... at least that's what I believe. The little games she is playing keeps my mind and heart on edge. *he pulls a picture from his shirt pocket.* This is what she looks like, beautiful, huh?

    Franklin laughs.
    "That's my girl's cousin, so I going to let you live with that dream. The girl is cute man, but she doesn't hold a candle to Carmella." He stands a pulls a picture from his pocket.

     Slapping it on the top of the coffee table sitting before them. "Bam, now this is a beauty,  my, Carmella Candi, As sweet as can be,  Ms  Independent.  This girl right here will drive a man to drink or reform. I can't gauge her from one minute to the next, but I'm in it until I win it."

    "Fellows,  I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you guys have your tiny prizes,  and I have the jackpot."

     Nathaniel places his photo on the table after giving it a gentle kiss.

     "You guys may 'be' having trouble getting Ivy and Carmella to see things your way, but if I can't get Lillie-Rose to understand I'm the one dragging around the white horse in her honor, you may as well throw those glass slippers against a wall."

    "It isn't really that bad, right guys?"

    "Is it really that bad? Sometimes, Ey, you have us bouncing off the walls and we have no idea which way to go. I still can't get over that break up scene." Franklin leaned forward in his chair to wag his finger in Ey's face. "For a little bit, I wanted to give you a hell of a migraine, just for the pain you put my heart through."

    Ey leans forward and rubs her hands together in anticipation.  "But, that's all been taken care of. I heard rumors you three had a big surprise planned. Care to share with the audience? "

    Each of the men, slowly scooted back in their chairs,  returning the individual pictures to their pockets.

     "I have no idea what you're talking about." Franklin shuffled his feet and folded his arms.

     "As if we should say something if there were anything, especially with that camera rolling. " Bernard looked at his watch. "As a matter of fact I have somewhere I need to be. "

    As he stood the others joined him.

     "My suggestion is, you read the book." Bernard placed a copy on the table. "I know how you authors can 'be',  write ,  write never read. If we tell the audience what is going to happen. ..  well, what would 'be' the fun in that. Be sure to tell your audience to checkout excerpts at our place- or grab some of those pins from Pinterest."

     "Okay, I'll just let you leave like that. I see y'all in a rush, all out the door already. Feel free to come back, anytime." * Ey yells out the door at their quickly disappearing forms.

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