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    Thank you for returning.  Let's sit back and enjoy a wonderful interview between LaSuria Kandi Allman and hip hop artist, Roman Velasco-Romo

    Versatile Escondido, California born rapper - Roman Velasco-Romo - uses his painful past to bring a refreshing honesty to hip hop. He uses multiple genres, voices and languages to evoke emotion from fans around the world.  Emerging onto California's consciousness in 2006 with ‘The Way I Feel’, Roman Velasco-Romo has created captivating mixtapes, Demos and performed unforgettable shows.

    Growing up, Roman Velasco-Romo endured different types of abuse. Also, his father was an alcoholic, Meth addict and never was in his life. These incidents left him with painful emotional scars that have caused him to be arrested, sent to anger management, locked up in mental hospitals etc. He got expelled from his high school district because of his lyrics. His rhymes were dark, real, with a hint of humor (and unfortunately they thought he was going to shoot up the school because of them). Roman Velasco-Romo has gone by different names (PAIN, Daddy Pain, Faces of Roman, CALI-PAIN, MP Hidden and other names) before finally deciding to make music under his own name. He uses his experiences as inspiration to make rugged, raw music that will enrapture everyone who hears it. With some tracks he conjures up a menacing vibe where he lyrically lashes out at anyone who stands in his way.  Showing his diversity, Roman Velasco-Romo unleashes raw personal emotion on others. He uses music to release everything he feels inside, his microphone is his psychologist.

    Roman Velasco-Romo’s first recording experience was with a Christian rock band when they asked him to rap on one of their songs. That experience was life changing for him, he said “it was better than sex”. After that, he started going to the studio to get his songs recorded. After an incident where the studio messed up on one of his songs and wanted to charge him to fix their  mistakes; a new friend he met suggested they team up and put together their own studio and record label. They did. After a while, Roman Velasco-Romo and his friend realized they had different goals at the moment. Roman Velasco-Romo put together a new studio and started his own record label, Masakizt Records.

    Masakizt Records has released compilation albums of artists in his home area, North County San Diego. They have also released mixtapes that feature artists from around the world. They have released Masakizt Records artists’ projects and all of Roman Velasco-Romo’s mixtapes and Demos. Also Masakizt Records has put together many shows and events.

    Roman Velasco-Romo has had his struggles in life, like everyone else in this world. He used to focus on the negative BUT now is TRYING to focus on the positive. But at times he fails just like everyone else. Basically his music reflects his life and you can see the stages: he went from angry (mixed with a little bit of humor), to depressed (mixed with a little bit of humor), to dark (mixed with a little bit of humor), to crazy (mixed with a little bit of humor), to now where he is now - trying to be positive (but the darkness still tempts him and tries to suck him in). He says, “I realized words are powerful. So I'm trying to change because honestly, I CAN'T handle the darkness anymore. My dark, crazy music literally hurts me. It's bad for my health. It destroys me. I can't and don't want to live that life anymore. So my current and future music I'm trying to be more positive, happy and maybe even silly. Because words are powerful and I want a positive, happy and silly life.”

    The future looks brighter than ever for Roman Velasco-Romo, who has reached a new level of dedication to his music and his family.  In his own words Roman Velasco-Romo states, “I wouldn’t change anything in my life because I feel everything happens for a reason & it has made me the man I am today.”  Look forward to more great rhymes filled with sincere intensity from Roman Velasco-Romo in 2016 and beyond. No mindless raps here; Roman Velasco-Romo is rapping with a purpose!

    1. Kandi.    What city and state did you grow up in?
    2. Roman.   Escondido, California
    3. Kandi.   What was it like growing up in Escondido ?
    4. Roman.   Cool, some people say it's  ghetto
    5. Kandi.   Tell me some things about yourself?
    6. Roman.   Clown, cool
    7. Kandi.  How long have you been an artist ?
    8. Roman.  10 years
    9. Kandi.   What inspired you to become artist?
    10. Roman.  I grew up on Hip hop
    11. Kandi.  Who was the first person you have collaborated it?
    12. Roman.   A Christian Band
    13. Kandi.   Do you think the music has changed from then to now?
    14. Roman.   Music is always changing
    15. Kandi.   How would you categorize your style?
    16. Roman.  Representation of me
    17. Kandi.   What if any message do you try to relay to your audience?
    18. Roman.   Keeping it real, talking about my experiences
    19. Kandi.   What would you change about the music industry from an executive stand point?
    20. Roman.   Change the negativity
    21. Kandi.   What do you think attributed to the change from conciousness of the early 80's to the gangster era of today?
    22. Roman.  People have opinions
    23. Kandi.  What are your thoughts about the way the artists are representing themselves?
    24. Roman.   That's not for me
    25. Kandi.    Tell me what do you think about the way they are dressing the skirts and blouses?
    26. Roman.  I don't like seeing it, but people can express themselves
    27. Kandi.   What would you consider to be the big break that will get the artists foot in the door mainstream?
    28. Roman.  Connections
    29. Kandi.   What are your goals for the future?
    30. Roman.  Positive influence for my Daughter
    31. Kandi.   Do you have any shows/album/videos releases coming up?
    32. Roman. Demo on  ITunes
    33. Kandi.    Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?
    34. Roman.   E-40, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J . Cole, Underground artists
    35. Kandi.    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on?
    36. Roman.   Fb, Instagram, Reverberation
    37. Kandi.   Are you involved in any social, political, religious groups?
    38. Roman,  No
    39. Kandi.   Are you involved in any community programs?
    40. Roman.  No
    41. Kandi.   Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and you have overcame?
    42. Roman.  Mental issues
    43. Kandi.   Are you interested in making  movies?
    44. Roman.  Yes
    45. Kandi.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    46. Roman.   The Best Dad
    47. Kandi.   What advice would you give to young men today who are suffering from injustices?
    48. Roman.   Keep Going
    49. Kandi.    What advice do you give to aspiring artists who are trying to get into the music industry?
    50. Roman.   Work hard
    51. Kandi.   What keeps you motivated, what drives you?
    52. Roman.   My Daughter
    53. Kandi.   If you could change your profession what would it be?
    54. Roman.   Teacher
    55. Kandi.   What are your thoughts about the legalization of Marijuana?
    56. Roman.   I'm for it
    57. Kandi.   What are your thoughts about the Flint water crisis?
    58. Roman.   Some people think it's done on purpose, my prayers go out
    59. Kandi.   If you could speak directly to the youth of today about the importance of obtaining a good education what would you say?
    60. Roman.  It's real important
    61. Kandi.   Married? children?
    62. Roman.  No, Daughter
    63. Kandi.   What are your hobbies?
    64. Roman.   Music,  spending time with my daughter.
    65. Kandi.  Zodiac sign?
    66. Roman.  Pisces

     I would like to thank you for this very powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much Success in all of your endeavors. God bless you

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