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    Christmas is so near and you have been wondering

    1.  What do I give for those last minute gifts?
    2. Where can I find some wonderful books in one spot?
    3. What do I stuff in the stockings of every member of your family?

    Well, here is the answer, books by authors from every genre and all in one area.

    Visit the hill of beans at Inknbeans Press Product Page or click on the author's names and dig into their book page. Be assured, all books can also be purchased at any other major online bookstore.

    JT Sather 
    In his debut book, he tells the brutal truth, but with humor and hope; reviewers have described it as listening to a great storyteller share his life over a couple of beers. No matter where you are in the Economic Recovery, you'll find anecdotes and advice you can use today, tomorrow, and whenever the bottom drops out of your life.

    RH Ramsey-Landon seems like the perfect man, handsome, charming, generous, with the right words for every occasion .. like a robot. And like a robot, he has learned to control everything from his memories, to his smile, to the tone of his voice. Seven is a wayward beauty whose temper, harsh tongue and violent tendencies often get her into trouble. After meeting Landon, Seven finds her way into unchartered territory: his heart. Soon, Seven’s perception of herself is challenged. She is frequently urged to step away and reevaluate herself, as the handsome young man, who is wise beyond his years, gently coaches her into finding her best self.

    David RowinskiDavid Rowinski has taught in Cairo, worked as a PCA in Zurich, tended desk at an Athen's youth hostel and roamed the streets of Budapest. He currently divides time between Amherst, MA and East Africa. His short story Music Box appears in Issue 27 of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wrislet. The Open Pillow is a children's bedtime story with lessons of perseverance and development not to be outgrown.
    and Kristann MonaghanThe Running Experiment (A Weekly Walk Away From the Sofa) is an honest, in-your-face look at one woman's journey from sofa and Skittles to exercise and healthy choices. Taken from her blog, Fat Girl Running, these essays cover everything from food to having fun, exercise, relationships, family, body issues and the dreaded 'F' word...FAT. She includes anecdotes, tips, recipes and common sense suggestions for surviving your own Running Experiment. Mature language.

     Kitty Sutton's Kitty Sutton's Amazon Page-Kitty Sutton was born Kathleen Kelley to a Cherokee/Irish family. Both sides of her family were from performing families in Kansas City, Missouri and Kitty was trained from an early age in dance, vocal, art and musical instruments. Her father was a Naval band leader. During the Great Depression, her mother helped to support her family by tap dancing in the speakeasys even though she was just a child; she was very tall for her age but made up like an adult. Kitty had music and art on all sides of her family which ultimately helped to feed her imaginative mind and desire to succeed.
    Kitty married a wonderful Cherokee artist from Oklahoma, in fact the very area that she writes about in her Wheezer series of novels.

     Annarita GuarnieriBorn in Trieste, Italy, in September 1955, I have a high school degree and a degree in law, but I started studying and using English at the age of 6, and chose to work with the two things I love most: books and the English language. Therefore, I've been working as a translator and editor for the past 33 years. On and off I've been writing too. I won a couple of non-professional awards and I'm beginning to publish a few things. My dream is to become a fulltime writer. I have a few projects in my drawer, but little time to work on them. My first book, "Cats: Instruction for Use" - How to Survive being Owned by a Cat has been published in the US by Inknbeans Press.

    Eric Pullin is a grandfather with so many children's books, you will need an extra stocking. He says, "This is all new to me - but very exciting.
    Not too long ago I would never have dared to dream of having a book published. Now I have ten and, hopefully, many more to come.
    I'm just a very ordinary guy who has always loved to write. I am now nearly 65yrs old, married with 4 children ( all grown up) and two beautiful grand daughters who are growing up too fast.
    My books called "The Why Series" are written for my grand daughters Lucy, age 9yrs and Lulah age 6yrs. They are my pride and joy."
    Hugh Ashton-has recently published six volumes of Sherlock Holmes mysteries with Inknbeans Press of Los Angeles: Tales from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD, More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD, Secrets from the Deed Box of John H Watson MD, The Darlington Substitution, Notes from the Dispatch-Box of John H. Watson MD, and Further Notes from the Dispatch-Box of John H. Watson MD, all in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The three "Deed Box" collections have been collected and printed together in a handsome hardback edition - The Deed Box of John H. Watson MD. Inknbeans Press has also published his collection of short stories set in Japan, Tales of Old Japanese, featuring the culture and habits of the older generation of Japanese.
     Jim "Pops" Burkett- Has a series of children's books with beautiful photos. There are lots of animals in this book,
    Wild and beautiful, come take a look.
    With wing and fang and antler and claw
    Some live alone and some with Ma and Paw,
    Some are big and some are small,
    Some can fly and some must crawl,
    Some will hiss and some will roar,
    Lions, Tigers, Bears And More!

    Belden Legge- Nearly one hundred poems of faith, reason and love told with humor and unwavering belief, Mrs. Legge's poetry is part of a collection over seventy years in the making. These pages are filled with beautiful descriptions of devotion to family, friends and her Redeemer.

    Candy Ann LittleThe oil business can be dirty. And deadly! 
    The Texas sun isn’t the only thing that is scorching hot. Mallory Dillingham is beautiful, successful and primed to take over the family oil business when her father is ready to retire. However, that isn’t soon enough for the billionaire heiress. She wants it all. And, she wants it now. Mallory will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including seduction, lying and blackmail. 

    Pico Triano- When a young woman he met on a train to Toronto disappears, a man with a shadowy past takes on the local law enforcement and a crime lord with his grip on drug trafficking and providing girls to men with deadly desires.

    Emjae Edwards-  The Muses wake me early and keep me up late. They follow me everywhere. I carry pen, paper, netbook, blackberry to catch the words they whisper to me. All I want to do is write and share what I've written. I had a chance to go with a traditional brick and mortar publishing house but I disliked the editorial practices that bordered on censorship, the cover prices that stopped short of pulling a gun on the reader, and the waste of huge galley runs and proof runs and cover runs and running of the bulls.
    Donna Dillon A young boy teaches a community the true definition of holiday spirit. Based on an award winning poem by Donna Dillon.

    Ey WadeA read - along, play - along, live - along series about three African American sisters. Who Will Hug the Sun? Mhia learns about eclipses Between the Two Of Them Gillean reflects on how unique it is to be the middle child Not a Sound, Not a Peep Mhia’s Mom and sisters help her sleep after a nightmare. After you read the stories, get out your crayons and play along.
    Susan Wells BennettThis is a digital boxed set of all four of the Brass Monkey novels: Wild Life, Charmed Life, Night Life and New Life. Sun City, Arizona: where old people go to die.

    At least that's what Milo, a retired border patrolman, thinks when he first arrives in the palm- and orange-tree-lined retirement community. He takes up photography to wile away his remaining days.

    Before long, he is fighting and flirting with Claire, a young widow who is working through her trauma while volunteering at the zoo. He meets Sax, a former cop and the bartender at the Brass Monkey, and Sax's favorite barfly, Sondra. Unable to turn off their suspicious natures, Milo and Sax see danger and intrigue simmering just beneath the serene picture-postcard settings of Arizona. And life will never be the same for any of them!

    Rusty Coats-Coats’ debut novel, Out of Touch, follows a reluctant psychic who feels more burdened than gifted: able to see the past, present and future of those who touch an object before he holds it in his hand. Most of the events and emotions that pass through him like electricity are insignificant and benign, but there are those moments when he experiences the fear, horror and pain of catastrophic events, and even knowing when, where and how these catastrophes occur, his knowledge is useless to prevent them, pointless to protect the victims, nothing but pain and guilt for him. Until now.

    Dawn Hood- By her mid-30s, Dawn had her all-American life: a husband, a home, one boy and one girl and one more baby on the way. And cancer. This is the true story of coping with an overcoming breast cancer with friends, family and faith.

    Kristina JacksonMoira thinks she has everything she wants... the job, the house, the clothes, so why is she still unhappy? Her world falls apart when she witnesses a terrible crime. Running away she comes across a psychic fair and a spur-of-the-moment decision to have a tarot card reading changes everything. She quits her job, sells her home and moves to Wales causing friends and family question her sanity. Can learning to read Tarot cards, help Moira learn more about herself and guide her to a happier future? Will the cards also be able to help her with her unwanted poltergeist guest or, more disturbingly, the handsome neighbour?
    Robin Bee Owens-Dabby's dad is in the Army. Dabby and her family have to move a lot. She misses her dad. She misses her friends. Her dad finds a way to remind her that she's always in his thoughts. 
    Virginia Czaja- Get Real. Virginia Czaja, also known as Virginia Crane, now brings you a warm, genuine look at love among people of a certain age. When retired health care workers Torie Watson and Isabelle Thompkins meet Jake Sutton in the parking lot of a Calusa, Florida Mall, Torie gets more than a witness to the accident which damaged her car. She gets a recommendation for a great mechanic, a job for her friend, and an unexpected romance that could turn into the love of a lifetime.

    Perle Butcher Lyon-In 1936 the world was in turmoil; depression swept over the land stealing jobs and hope, and from Europe came rumblings of another war. Women had few choices: they could teach, nurse or marry, and none of these options brought a guarantee of a better life. Chances for success and for happiness were still in the iron grip of men…

    Sydney Stone lost everything when her father's fishing boat sank just outside Hickman's Harbour, Newfoundland during an early storm. She lost her livelihood, her new husband and her only hope at love and family. Rescued by the one person in town less liked than herself, she entered into what she believed was to be a marriage of convenience; he had a boat and she had the experience to run a successful fishing fleet. Unfortunately, there was nothing about that marriage that proved convenient for either of them.


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