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    Hi, Debney welcome back to In The Chair.  If all of you remember, Debney is the main character from the novel, D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same. Today she is here to tell us of her first time voting.

    So, Debney the road to election day this year has been one heck of a trip. As a first time voter, I'm really interested in knowing how you have seen the process. What was your impression?

    Hi Ey. Can I say ridiculously dramatic. I can't tell you how frustrating each day became until early voting opened up. I couldn't wait to cast my ballot. For the majority of the year I ignored all of the commercials, and the hoopla because the contenders who decided to throw their hats in were plainly, idiots. I kept hoping someone else smarter would come along. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Obama. I listened to a lot of things the older adults were saying against him and I began to believe my vote would be wasted on another four years with him as President and then I began hearing counter attacks. Lord, did my reasoning begin to change.Too bad everyone in Congress and the Senate can't be changed when he wins again. They, all who blocked Obama's remedies to America's issues, should be fired without the benefit of pensions paid by tax payers. They should have to live like the poorest of Americans.

    What made you change your mind about who you were going to vote for, Debney?

    I started reading things you posted, Ey. All of those fact checker informational posts and my vision cleared. Cleared more so when Romney became the choice of the Republican party. I have to say, I can now only think of him as the 'Twit' as you call him. That man lies as well as my mom. Sad to say, he's just as racist as she was.

    How was your official first voting day?

    Oh, the best. It took a while for my official Voter's Registration Card' to come in and it made me nervous. I'd heard so much about voter suppression and such. Didn't want to be a victim of it. Anyway, I carried the card around in my purse and would you believe when I finally went to vote, I stood in line searching for the card and it was gone. I had changed purses and forgot to transfer the card. Oh my God, was I nervous. I didn't want to have to drive back home, moving around with a big belly is no fun. With luck, as I eaves dropped on other people in line, I learned you could just use your driver's license. 
    And once you got to the ballot booth, how was that. I'm not a new voter and I continuously get excited at the ability to vote. I think of those before me crying and dying for the chance and I am inspired.
    I have to say it was marvelous. I was checked in at a table. ID scanned and my information pulled up on one volunteer's screen. Then I had to move over to sign a clipboard that sat in front of another volunteer before I was strolling on over to a booth. I have never felt such a sense of release and relief. I didn't know I was so scared, but I did it. It was all I could imagine. The sense of power in knowing I have a hand in my future and the future of my America, outstanding.

     Saw this video on Facebook and wanted to share. It's a little over the top, but I totally understand where she was coming from.

      Everyone should go and do it. Go out and vote people, your vote counts. 

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